Monday, April 04, 2011

another BOB run, Baby D's posse and BATHING SUIT SEASON?!

Utah weather this weekend....WHAT?!? 
At least Baby D and I got in a fabulous 4 mile run (in 70 degree weather!) along the Provo River Trail... is it odd that it is easier for me now to run with the BOB outside than it is to run 3 miles on a treadmill inside?? I guess I'm getting used to running with Baby in tow.

I splurged last week and got a day care pass at the gym I go to for those days that are too hot/cold/windy to take Baby D out and I still need a workout... it is something that hindsight, I probably should have done months ago, but better late than never.
Did you have a good conference weekend?? We didn't get to watch any of it (that's what happens when you have a baby!) but thank goodness for DVR so we'll be watching them (probably one talk at a time) for, oh... the next six months :) To be honest, while I love the break of conference weekend, Sunday just wasn't the same without Baby D hanging out with his buddies during Sunday School....
Are they not the cutest?? 
They are all neighbors born within just a few months of each other, Baby D is the youngest
(and has the least amount of hair by far!).
Remember this post from exactly a year ago?

hmmm... bathing suit season is offically upon us in two months.
I am excited to watch Baby D learn to "swim" at Granny's pool, but to be honest... 
picturing ME in a BATHING SUIT?!
I have never been more terrified in my life.

The last few years (being preggers last year didn't count since I had a "get out of bikini-body" season pass) I have been super confident (year-round) to fit into a bathing suit, not because I weighed a certain number or anything, but because I felt STRONG. When I am strong I don't care how skinny I am (and lets be honest, not all skinny girls look good in a bathing suit, anyway!). Strength is key to my confidence, and just happens to always be in style come summertime. I have never felt so confident and proud of my body as I do while in the gym working out.

Unfortunately, daily hardcore two-hour sweat sessions are a thing of the past, much like having a non-scarred midsection.

Instead they are replaced by short, "workouts" (I barely have time to break a sweat!) I consider much too mild, that are usually frequently interrupted or rushed....

Hence the daycare pass. At $2 an hour, it's actually quite a steal. I mean, how many people do you know willing to watch a baby for less than a third of minimum wage? 

Although it's frustrating to look at my body and see just a faint shadow of what was... I need to learn to accept what I have and work with it. I know I can eat better, workout harder, (not take quite so many naps... am I feel like I can NEVER get caught up on sleep nowadays!) and feel better about my body, even if it was rocked by motherhood just under a year ago. Sort of like this amazing girl...
Yup, my #1 running idol (who just had a baby in October!) has her new book coming out tomorrow... I am just chomping at the bit, I want to buy it so bad!

I am down to 8 weeks of full-time work left and 8 weeks until summer strikes.

I've been doing a "produce cleanse" the last week... nothing too drastic (not cutting anything out of my diet), just ADDING at least 3 servings EACH of fruits and veggies a day. It does wonders to cut down on all the other crap I could be eating! Now I just need to start drinking more water...


Stefanie D. said...

Ok. Jogging stroller. I need one, which brand/variety do you have??

Eeep! Bathing suit season. I am totally with you on that one. I've always felt very confident in a bathing suit--prebaby, but now that I've got a few stretch marks here and there, and my abs haven't quite recovered from storing a baby for nine months, I am not quite ready for bathing suit season!

MuncherCruncher said...

I love the BOB stroller. Both my sisters have them, and I've ran with them. It's a nice additional calorie burner. I love your produce cleanse! I am not a big fan of the crazy liquid cleanses, but i love the thought of cleansing your diet of crap and adding in the good. You're awesome!!

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