Wednesday, March 02, 2011

why blog.

This blog started off as an assignment for a technology class while in my K-12 art education. We learned all about the ins and outs of Ning, Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, etc. and were challenged to use it to share art.

So, being the astute newlywed I was (and having "donated" my husband to the Boston Red Sox for a time-intensive summer internship the year before) I called it "redsoxwife," loaded a bazillion pictures of the artwork I had done over the last semester and passed the class. I honestly never planned on looking back at this blog ever again.

A few months later, I was birthday/anniversary/christmas gifted my laptop. And I loved the freedom that came from having my own place to put everything... I'd wanted a laptop ever since I came to college in 2004! So I was thrilled and immediately got to work blogging. As I "blogstalked" I noticed a running theme with the blogs I really liked: they all had lots of pictures. So I started taking a lot of pictures to accompany my posts.

I have never been a good journal-er. I think I have about a dozen "diaries" back home in my parent's storage space, all with only about one page or two used up. I was always excited to start a journal/diary/place to put my thoughts, but I would experiment with different styles of handwriting, then either lose it or forget about it almost within moments of putting it down.

I was thrilled when I discovered you can print off your blog into a book! I think that was the biggest appeal of blogging to me...knowing that my handwriting didn't have to be perfect and that I would have lovely, full-color pictures (since too many words tends to bore me) all in print for me to look back on in a lovely bound book. I have only used Blog2Print, but plan on trying a few different kinds to experiment with, since B2P is a little pricey. I print my blogbook out every 6 months, and it usually costs around $50 for a softcover, full color book.

I don't think I realized how much I blogged until I printed out everything (since I rarely look back over previous posts after making sure they published correctly)...

I blogged 330 times in 2009
and 342 in 2010!

I guess I blog almost daily... wow. So what started off as a visual journal of sorts has turned into a way for me to entertain my family, friends, and even a few random people who've found their way over here, as well as to chronicle my running, cooking, and life with Mr. D and Baby D. I am so glad I gave blogging a try and have never regretted it (sure you can argue about stalkers all you want... but that's why you don't post too much information, like how full family names are never mentioned).

So I challenge you to start a blog, or start blogging a little more (so I have something to read!).
The real question is, what will you blog about ??

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Baby Making Mama said...

Wow!! That's awesome!! I really want to print my blog out but haven't yet. I want to print out my pre-pregnancy-pregnancy part then maybe her first year, and then of course my 365 letters, that's gonna be expensive!!

Have you heard of Blurb? I hear their prices are good.

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