Friday, March 18, 2011

a week ago today

We were all together in the 614 for my dad's 50th. And yes, we are awesome at taking group shots.
My sisters and favorite cousins. Did you know we Carrera girls all shared ONE room and ONE bathroom between the five of us for a few months my senior year?? So when people complained about not having enough space in dorm rooms for two girls, I couldn't help but laugh. Every time I smell a curling iron it still takes me back to 2004, when we each had our own straightener/curling iron/hair dryer, and at least one was plugged in just about every hour of the day.... I'm fairly certain we blew a fuse at least once a week. Good times. Such good times. I miss my Carrera roommates. Only 3 more weeks till Spring Break and Baby D and I are back in the 614.
Oh... just realized that the "Marrieds" of the group have their hair parted one way, and the single "Soltera" girls part their hair the opposite way.


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anna. said... the hair parts ( :

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