Monday, March 14, 2011


I've only ever orchestrated a handful of surprise birthday parties in my life, but they were AWESOME and I loved planning them. 6th grade I planned one for my best friend, Maria (and it only involved one other person, but hey. its the thought that counts!). A few years ago I planned one for Mr. D, inviting all his friends (2008), thinking it would "probably" be the last birthday of his we would spend in Utah (HA!) and pre-prego 2009, Mr. D and I surprised my mom by flying out to Ohio for her 50th bday (albeit a few weeks early...but that was part of the surprise!).

So this past weekend for my dad's 50th (yeah, he's a younggin) we flew out to the 614 to spend some quality family time with them (especially since we didn't come out for Christmas, so the last time they saw Baby D in person he was only a month old!), all my mom's idea. It went by super fast, but was a lot of fun to see them (and Keely and Kathryn and extended family!). Unfortunately for you reading this, I have completely given up on our hopeless camera. Fully charged batteries last all of a milisecond in that thing, so I am holding out for a great deal on a camera ASAP so I can keep filling this blog with pictures I love so much. But at least we still had the videocamera Mr. D got me last year, so we took a few movies I can take stills from...unfortunately for me, the videocamera (a Vado, kind of like a Flip) is not compatable with Macs like mine (awesome) and Mr. D has his computer, so you will have to settle with some older pics until my sisters upload weekend pics from Facebook or I get around to stealing Mr. D's computer. TERRIBLE that my last photos with Baby D are from a month ago. I'm missing so much! I need a new camera bad.

Also noteworthy from this weekend of travel: I've decided I'm done with pumping. Its run its course, I keep stressing out over not producing (as) much milk, and I HAVE been exclusively pumping for six months. I am SICK of it. We will only have to deal with formula for 4 months anyway, and at this point I couldn't care less how much it costs. I am storing my pump for good in 10 days. Halleluja.


Rachael said...

I'm so sorry about your camera. My sister-in-law is the best bargain shopper ever and she pointed me toward this website for electronics

They usually have the lowest prices. I hope it helps you find an awesome digital camera so we can keep getting our Baby D fix each week.

Drew Dowling said...

The pocket video camcorder is actually a Vado by Creative not a Vimeo. Vimeo is a website like youtube where you can upload videos.

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