Saturday, March 19, 2011

no camera? when in doubt... use photobooth.

8 months old today. can you believe it? I'll take the 8 month photo as soon as Mr. D gets me a camera... don't want to shortchange Baby D with grainy photos. But a photo is a photo to me, and boy did Baby D and I have fun eating mangos and blackberries. What more could a kid want for his birthday?
8 Months has gone by WAY too fast for my liking. Baby D is completely mobile and for the moment, I'm loving it. When I leave the room, he gets upset (if he's paying attention and not distracted by a toy) and when I come back, he acts like it's Christmas. LOVE that. He's also started playing on his own, pulling toys out of his toybox at random. He loves baths and man does he eat like a CHAMP. He has the funniest, robotic laugh and sometimes he will just laugh because I laugh. What a doll.
 His favorite thing now is pointing. I am trying to teach him sign language, but mostly he can just laugh, clap and then point (usually at my mouth) and thinks its hysterical. And yes, I took off his onesie for the second half of his meal... but I want to see YOU try to get a baby to eat berries without getting it all over the place. Don't worry, we followed dinner with a nice warm bath. And I am fully aware of the fact that Baby D is the spitting image of Mr. D. Let's just say I made him that way on purpose :)

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anna. said...

aww. just miss you guys sometimes.

such a happy child ( :

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