Sunday, March 06, 2011

farewell, ladies.

Well, I finally did it. I got rid of the lovely shoes that no longer fit my stupidly big fat feet. And as the Carrie Bradshaw of shoes (just in that I talk to them, NOT in that they cost a lot of money... I only wish I could afford some Louboutin), I told my girls they were off to a good home (Micaela's)...but not before I sighed a lot and took a rediculous amount of pictures of my beloved shoes.
Is it terrible that I cried? Kevin tried to make me feel better about my pathetic looking shoe rack, but its kind of hard to look at my closet and not be sad. I am down to single digits (including my brown boots I was wearing and my running shoes, not pictured)...that hasn't happened since elementary school.
I keep telling myself this will make me a better person. Things are just things.
But I still miss my things.
Take good care of them, Micae.

1 comment:

Jamie Whittingham said...

What size do you now wear? I could send you some of mine! I don't know where they all come from. Couldn't be my pocket book?

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