Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bountiful Baskets weeks 3 and 4

Bountiful Baskets has a been a little source of tension between Mr. D and I since I started. He doesn't buy into someone else picking out our produce (understandable, especially when we get green bananas or mold on our berries), he's not yet used to the variety that we get (we usually just get the usual "safe" options of bananas+apples+avocados+tomatoes that we know we like), and he didn't believe we actually get $35 of produce for $16.50 as advertised.

So we scoured our weekly paper circulars as well as online ones through about 4 different grocery stores to find everything we got this week. Probably about half the stuff we got was already on sale. The total was just over $17 (from our rough calculations). So at least we were breaking even. 

But I pointed out to Mr. D that in order to get all of those things at the deals indicated, I would need to go to a couple of stores. And of course HE pointed out that I wouldn't actually go out and just buy most of these things on my own. Hmmm. He has a point.
Last week's bounty, Photo courtesy of HMK.
So even though I already explained why I love Bountiful Baskets here, I realized my top reasons for wanting to continue getting them:

1) Mr. D has a history of Colon Cancer, and the only way (I know, at least) of preventing CC: LOTS of fruit and veggies! I want more than anything for Mr. D to live just as long as I do.

2) It's good for weight loss. Even though I'm not trying to lose weight at the moment, weight maintenance can be just as hard as weight loss! I have found that when I am eating lots of fruits and vegetables that I am less likely to eat as much refined sugar (which makes me SO tired and lethargic).

3) It's so much easier to be creative in making Baby Food as well as meals for Mr. D and myself when I have more than our usual staples to work with.

4) Sure the stuff we get may be what's on sale, but how many times have I bought avocados for 69 cents, thinking it was a great deal, only to find it somewhere else the next day for 33 cents?!? I love love love not having to bargain hunt my produce.
I did all the prepwork today, right after I got my basket. That way I have everything ready to steam, boil, bake, or eat raw and ready to go... this week we got mangoes (4 of them!), broccoli, cauliflower, celery, apples, bananas, more asparagus, clementines, CILANTRO (woo hoo! guess who's making cilantro rice tomorrow??), tomatoes, etc.

Also, props to IKEA for selling 17-piece tupperware storage for $3.99 each. I LOVE THEM. I bought two sets: one for food, and one for Baby D to play with while eating.

PLUS I splurged and bought Bountiful Basket's 9-grain bread. FIVE fresh loaves (with ingredients I can all pronounce!) for $10. And they taste sooo good! I will definitely be getting that again.
Aaaand random old photo of Baby D :) Happy Sunday!


Casey Wood said...

Hey Ruth!
Thanks for this post, I actually just signed up to do Bountiful Baskets for the first time. Thanks for all the info and if my hubby says anything negative I will just refer to your post.

Miss you,

A Little Sass said...

Don't forget that you are also supporting local/small farms! That is a BIG reason for me. Oh and it also cuts down on the footprint that much of your grocery store produce leaves.

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