Monday, March 28, 2011

bountiful baskets week 5!

Image courtesy of Sari, who has a fantastic giveaway of a lovely ceramic bowl she threw
you should go enter NOW!
Carrots, apples, oranges, sweet potatotes, asparagus, zucchini, bananas, cantelope, mangoes, tomatoes, grapefruit, lettuce... I think this was my most favorite bountiful week ever!

Plus, I never quite got caught up from when I went to Ohio for a long weekend a few weeks ago, so I still have cauliflower, green beans, cilantro and swiss chard from last week. And of course I still have that coconut. I want to make pina coladas and some coconut rice but now I'm left wondering... how do you OPEN a coconut??

I'm a little bummed I won't be getting a BB this week, since the internet was being a little wacky and by the time I was able to log in, everything nearby was taken....:( but on the plus side, at least one person in our house will be thrilled to not have that extra $16.50 purchase tagged onto the end of the month's budget :) There's always next week anyway.

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Jon said...

If you want to save the milk (mmmmmmmmm good!), first drill a hole all the way through the shell and the meat, which is probably less than half an inch thick, and drain it. Then, you should be able to easily crack the shell by placing it on a hard surface and tapping is gently with a hammer at the site of the drill hole. If you want, or if you didn't drill it, you can use a knife to score the outside of the shell so it cracks evenly, but it's not really necessary. Once it's open, simply scrape out the meat. Voila!

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