Sunday, March 06, 2011

Bountiful Baskets #2

I am SO proud of myself. From last week's BB, we ate all but 2 bananas+3 pears (still not ripe) and the coconut. Still not sure what the heck I'm doing with that sucker, but it is supposed to last 3 months in the fridge, so I guess I have till June to figure it out.

This week we got:
FRUITS: oranges, Pink Lady apples, pineapple, Ataulfo mango, bananas
VEGGIES: green beans, yellow squash, acorn squash, tomatoes, turnips, Butter Gold potatoes, spinach
Photo courtesy of HMK.

I'll be honest the first thing I thought was "I love pineapple!"
And the second thing I thought was "What on earth are those purpley things?"
So I guess this week I am going to learn more about turnips.
And its a good thing I have HMK to help me out, since 1) I know nothing about turnips, and 2) I definitely put those mangos in the fridge and I just read from her blog that you are NOT supposed to do that (whoops).

mmm. Can't wait to start cooking!

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