Sunday, March 06, 2011

#81: Run a 5k with my BOB and Baby D

This morning was the Run For Red 5k that Bananas and I ran two years ago. Lame that we never got pics taken (I can't remember why??). I ran with Surah, and it was pretty great. Cass was there with her sister in law, so we had to get a pic with our BOBs. Can you believe she had a baby two months ago??? She looks freaking amazing. She's like one of those tabloid celebrities you look at and think, there's gotta be some airbrushing/photoshopping there. But no, she really does look that good in real life!

Hopefully we'll be running Top of Utah together in a few months...and by together I mean she'll finish  hours before me :) Love you Cass.

We started out (as promised) in the back, to "make way for the 'real' runners" as the race director requested. Unfortunately that meant being behind MOBS of walkers, slow joggers and otherwise people I would have passed in a flash, pre-BOB. So Surah and I literally fought our way past a grouping or two and then--the raceway ventured along the PR trail, making it impossible to pass ANYone on the trail. I was pretty furious. Granted, going into this race I told myself that just finishing under 30 minutes would be great, but as soon as that gun went off, I went into super-competitive mode. I KNEW I was faster than all these chums in front of me, and my yells of "on your left!" fell upon deaf ears...or at least ipod-louder-than-anything-around-you ears.

So (poor Baby D) I hoofed it into the grass and started sprinting through the grass as fast as I could go while pushing about 40 pounds (20 Baby, 20 stroller). Talk about an off-roading adventure! My arms were starting to kill, but it was worth it when Surah called off our times. 8:30ish at the mile, 16 something at 2 miles, but going into that last mile, I was spent. All that trying to get around people the hard way was starting to wear down on my endurance....

---Now I have to break in this story to mention a little side story, or this next part isn't going to make any sense. Mr. D's cousin Christopher (who told us this story last year) has a little daughter, Ava, who was about 4 when he took her to a petting zoo around here. Ava was petting the different animals and there was a little boy not too far off with HIS dad, who was super scared of the animals and refused to pet them. I guess that dad was not too happy with his son acting that way (especially with little Ava not being the least bit scared), because he asked him, "Now, are you Iron Man or are you Wussy Man? IRON MAN OR WUSSY MAN???" and the poor boy sobbed, "Iron man!" and proceeded to pet the animals and at least attempt to not act scared. I am terrible at telling stories (Mr. D can attest to that), but that story is important to what happened during the last half mile of the race today---

...Surah and I are nearing the end, I can feel it, but my body is just too tired (mostly my arms from pushing through grass for about a mile and a half, not to mention getting knocked off the trail and almost into the river by some inconsiderate jerk and having to work my way back uphill to the trail) and I just tell Surah to go for it. I know I'm holding her back and sure enough, she jets. Surah, you're a legit rockstar. Thanks for pushing me!!!

I remember Hungry Runner Girl talking about Mantras a little while back. And I remembered one that had to do with pain:
"Pain is...
"Pain is... present?
"Pain is... leaving my body?
"I am in pain?!?!

I could not, for the life of me, think of what that stupid quote was.
(I later remembered: Pain is WEAKNESS LEAVING THE BODY. duh.)

All I could think of was:

And that, my dear friends, became my mantra.
"Wussy Man or Iron Man?!"

With that, I powered to the finish line in 26:41.
I am Iron Man.
Even if it means I haven't showered in two days and need to start wearing makeup when I go out. I don't even recognize myself in this picture. Oh my do I look horrible. And so tired. but who says Iron Man always has to look good?


Laura said...

YOU GO RUTH!!! that's an incredible time! I'm so proud of you and you look great with baby D in that last picture- sheer joy.

Baby Making Mama said...

Wow, you did AWESOME! I REALLY want to join stroller strides or something and exercise with my baby but I'm not sure I cna keep up with all the in-shape moms! You rock!! I HATE running but for some reason think if I had a nice stroller with an iPod dock we could bot h jam out to I'd be into it! haha. We'll see if I can have the hubs go for that one.


Bianca said...

good job! what a happy last picture of you and baby d! congrats!!

anna. said...

AWESOMEEE. p.s. just always love dustbuster all bundled up.

sarah said...

YOU ARE A ROCKSTARRRRRRRR i love you + running with you and baby d! you are stellar and you look fab so i don't know what you are talking about (:

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

You and baby D are the CUTEST THINGS IN THE WORLD!!! You rocked that race....YOU ARE SO SPEEDY and you were pushing a baby and a stroller, who are you?!?! You are going to love Top of favorite race ever:) Your sis lives by me....SO SO COOL!!! K, we are going to do an ice cream social THIS Saturday....please tell me you can come, I NEED to meet you!!!

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