Wednesday, March 02, 2011

#69: not cut my hair for a year

remember my day zero list?
first there was this in fall 2008.
then I repented of my butchering ways and let my hair grow longer than it has been since I was about 8.
is it sad that after looking through all my photos, I have like 2 of myself with Baby D or Mr. D? That's what I get for being photog all the time :)

PS forgot about your day zero list? well, get cracking on it! 2013 is not too far away!


A Little Sass said...

I am SO jealous ... why won't my hair grow as fast as yours?

Bianca said...

welp, just finally visited our blog after only reading it through facebook for the past couple weeks on my phone, I can't ever see the whole things, jut text... so my eyes have ben opened! I love your blog! I love your tabs. and I love your writing. man. that's a lot of love for the first comment.

i want to run with you! you make great goals.... but i'm not really running anymore. so maybe next year we can have a pleasant grove running date. ok!

and yes, daylight donuts are the BEST. that's where i went:)

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