Tuesday, March 22, 2011

50th bash weekend getaway and more twinners

We really had the best weekend. Was it really almost two weeks ago??
My mom used to dress Bananas and I up in the same outfit, but in different colors when we were little.
Also forgot that as tykes we used to call each other "little" and it would make the other cry.
Good times.

Well, we each went shopping (separately) with Mom and wouldn't you know? We end up with the same dress, in slightly different pattern and color. Twinners.Posted by Picasa


Bianca said...

that is too funny about your sister! I do that with one of my sisters too, especially when we go out to eat, we always unknowingly order the same thing.
congrats on only 9 sunday nights left. I am counting down the weeks when I'll be done with work too! can't wait!:)

anna. said...

love love love love this. can't believe it was just two weeks ago...

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