Monday, February 14, 2011

what valentines day is really about.

It drives me crazy when my students get all huffy and upset about "Single awareness day"...because I never believed Valentine's was a day about boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife and a candlelit dinner with a dozen roses on the side. Maybe that's because I've never had one of those typical rom-com dates (nor have I ever had any desire to have one) and one of my fondest Valentine memories while growing up was my dad giving us these little candies and cute fake flowers on Vday.

Valentines is about love, people. And I really hope all the single ladies reading this (especially my sisters) realizes that its not just about being with a boy. Its about finding a boy (eventually, no rush ladies) that is at least half as good and treats you just as well (and maybe if you are lucky is close to being as charming and handsome) as Mr. D. is to me.

I'm lucky to be the queen bee of my little household of boys. And I love it. 
I have the best man, baby and Kevs ever. I love you guys.
My Vday plans you may ask? Oh, just hanging out with Baby D in this little gem:
Did I forget to mention I finally bought my BOB REVOLOUTION stroller?!?!
Best. Purchase. Ever. I am pretty sure my heart skipped about 50 beats as I tried really hard not to start running laps around Mr. D's car in the REI parking lot. I only ran one :)
Special thanks to parents and the inlaws and Mr. D for funding my fabulous ride. You guys are the best!!
Cannot wait for Baby D to wake up from his nap.

Off to a date night with Baby D, the BOB and the local indoor track! (with a little bday shopping for Mr. D's bday of course!)


naomi said...

Haha look at your men in their shirts! haha. Congrats on the BOB! I'm glad you got it before the anticipation killed you haha

sarah said...

AHHHHHHHH! SOSOSO pumped to run side by side you AND baby d!! (: slash just love the huge droolness all over d's shirt hahahha (:

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