Saturday, February 26, 2011

now you know i'm big time

two sitters in TWO DAYS?!
i know. i am the luckiest mama (and sister) in the world.
now dont think i am abandoning my child here in addition to my 40 hour workweek that i don't see him. of course i missed him the whole two hours. but as any good mama knows, you cant be picky about WHEN your family/friends want to babysit for free fifty, and lets be honest, one kid is a blast but you get another little booger in the mix a few years down the road and suddenlt it turns into serious, $8/hour business (or $2-4 if you live in Utah... sad but true). so i am saving my pennies while i can and enjoying it so long as baby d has yet to pick up on stranger anxiety (knock on wood).

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