Thursday, February 24, 2011

if you give a mom a babysitter...

SHE WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER and ever and ever... and a day.
Thank you x a million to Rachael for driving over an hour to come see me (on her day off work, even!), hanging out with me, talk about baby things for hours and then watch Baby D (and take care of my dishes AND clean bottles... whaaaat??!?!) while I got a workout in, made dinner, and even went to a RS activity. You are AMAZING. I know there are at least a dozen people I could list off the top of my head who would do the same thing for me (like all my family, friends) in a heartbeat but live too far away, have other babies, have no car, etc. And just knowing that I have people like that in my life is the most wonderful feeling.

You see, years ago, I made it my babysitting motto to always leave a home in better condition than how I found it. And I could never figure out why doing dishes/folding laundry/putting toys away merited such praise from my employers... I mean, what else was I supposed to do after the kids went to bed and I still had 3 hours until you were coming home? No wonder a mother of 3 boys paid me upwards of $20 an hour. I'm sure it was the best $60 she ever spent if it gave her half the relief and satisfaction having Rach here for a few hours gave me. I could finally taste freedom again!! KARMA. What goes around comes around. And I will be sure to repay that favor to her someday.

So, thanks again to Rachael. Literally the only thing that would have made this night more perfect would have been if Mr. D wasn't working and we could've gone on a date. But it was still absolutely wonderful. And my kitchen is clean, bottles are washed (no one has washed bottles for me in... months!), dishwasher is emptied and reloaded for round 2 and I actually have energy to watch Teen Mom as I straighten my hair tonight before Mr. D gets home. Bliss.

On a totally different note, our dear Granny is sick this week, so we won't be able to visit her tomorrow for our weekly visit. :( Baby D sure does love visiting his Granny. We hope she feels better soon, and until then, we have this darling picture to look at from last week:

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The Hungry Runner Girl said...

I can come babysit. You are so right, I used to always do that too and the mom would almost cry to see all the dishes done and house clean:) Girl, I want your little family...gorgeous!!! WE ARE MEANT TO BE BFF'S!!! You teach at PG?!?! I LOVE KATIE AND BIANCA....Small world!!!! Wanna go to Cafe Rio together!?!?!

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