Monday, February 07, 2011

dear sleep gods,

I've gotten a mound of much needed and appreciated advice/words of wisdom over the last few days on this post. And I need to be completely honest with myself and admit that Baby D really is a trooper sleeper. While we've had a few rough days, it really is relative. He's been this pretty (knock on wood) perfect sleeper since we started Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child, and I was just so used to him being in a regular routine that when he strayed from that routine, it completely threw me off guard. He is still healthy, happy as can be, and while he may not be napping longer than an hour at a time, he's still getting 13-15 hours of sleep a day, for which I am incredibly grateful. Mr. D has been a HUGE help in the sleep department, feeding Baby D in the wee hours of the morning when I just can't manage to get myself up.
I'm struggling with some things lately, and it by no means has anything to do with Baby D or Mr. D, even though too often I allow them to take the brunt of my complaints. I couldn't ask for a more perfect family.

I may not be getting all the sleep I want/need but there are more important things I am trying to tackle right now. Like getting over this apathy of work, working out etc.

I am in a funk. A pretty bad one at that. And I am just trying to snap out of it as quickly as possible...its just taking a lot longer than I thought it would. But as always, I will be okay. I will always be okay in the end.


naomi said...

Urgh the teething thing - Julian's been even worse of a sleeper lately because of it. I thought I'd nailed the naptime thing finally (although Julian still sucks at nighttime sleeping) but recently, Julian's barely given me 20 minutes a day!!! Start behaving, baby boys!!!! Best of luck to you guys

Cheri said...

Here's a thought or two:

1. Spend $60 and get a hotel room for yourself for a night and then let MR. D do it too

2. Pawn off the child to a relative for a night so you and Mr. D can get some sleep!

3. Have your little sis come over for a night to allow you and Mr. D to go to a hotel to get some sleep

4. Wear ear plugs.

(not really #4)

Temporary solutions...but non the less...a solution!

anna. said...

or just put the kevs in charge for one night. he's good with dustbuster, right?

Andrea said...

Kron, I have discovered my secret vice but it is fantastic. Since starting school again and sleeping an average of 4-5hrs per school night... RedBull has been my best friend. I was at first hesitant because of all the caffeine and sugar but if it keeps ya going it keeps ya going. Oh but you're breastfeeding, hmmm, nevermind, ok you're on your own my dear. I'll pray that Baby D starts sleeping tons!

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

I WANT YOU TO GET SOME SLEEP!! I will babysit baby d because he is the cutest thing I have ever seen. How do you do it all?!?! Your comment made my day, thank you so much and YOU ARE DOING UTAH VALLEY??? I will be there cheering you on...can we meet up pretty please!

Lauren said...

I just finished "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" - and there was some great information for 6 mo. + babies. I'm not sure what you've read, but I felt like this book gave more information by knowledge rather than tactics. Seems blair is doing much better now that I'm a bit wiser.

good luck!

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