Saturday, February 12, 2011


Augh it pains me to see how bad i looked in this photo back in october? november? at her baby shower, but its just about the only one i have of cassidy and i (she's the barely preggo blondie in the middle not holding baby d). She is a total rock star: running/working out 3 weeks postpartum and handling her darling little girl with the grace of a seasoned veteran mommy! She's always lifting me up and giving me great advice and I just love being around her. She's been through a lot (like Oakley's current bout of reflux) and she always handles it like a Pro and looks amazing to boot. She's a Supermom and I am so lucky to have her as a good friend of mine. I know she's only a year older than me, but I look up to her like the big sister I never had. She's incredible! I always leave her house feeling so happy...and Baby D took a nap in Oakley's crib for TWO HOURS!! so you know he enjoyed himself. Mr. D wants to know when we can steal Oakley's crib :)
Also, Cass... we should probably take a better picture. Soon. :)

 And seeing her 6 week old baby sleeping in her bouncer made me think of this picture: (via Bananas)

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cassidy Merrill said...

Are you kidding me Ruth!!!! I'm not the supermom! That would be you! I learned everything from the veteran! I am so glad I had you to ask all my baby questions to because you had already experienced it all! You are such an amazin person and friend and I am so happy i went to work at pg to become friends with you! I look up to you so much because of your strength and determination to get through anything and everything even when it's the worst of times! Love you to death girly!!!

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