Sunday, February 20, 2011

7 favorite facial expressions to celebrate 7 sweet months

Sure they may all look the same to you... :)
#1: "Gums"... since when he makes this look he is usually chewing on his gums.
#2: The "trying to figure out why mom put my hair in a fauxhawk again" look
 #3: Smouldering.
 #4: How he looks when he is shouting "Mamamama!"
 #5: The "Mom, you're hogging my shot" Look
#6: "Mesmerized by the moving DirectTV logo/screen saver" Look
 #7: "So excited he can barely contain himself as he flails his arms" Look.


anna. said...


love the faces ( :

Stina said...

SUCH a cutie! You know we did our own baby food right :) We kept it super simple, we bought a ton of fruits and veggies in season, pureed them and froze them in ice cube trays, then we'd just pull out a cube or two...make sure you label them :) Combos alvin loved were chicken and apple and peaches...bannana and avocado (sounds funny I know, but he loved it! I found that he was much more accepting of calmer/sweeter veggies and meat first and then later started liking more variety :)

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