Friday, February 18, 2011

4 days later...A BOB in review

Monday afternoon: FINALLY purchased my BOB. I was desperate to try it out, but by the time Baby D napped, it was too cold to go outside. BYU indoor track workout postponed by the need to shop for Mr. D's birthday. I am one of those super powerwalkers around the mall anyways (it's all about multitasking, right?), and I've really never been one to mosey around.... I usually just plow over (sometimes around) the moseyers. Maneuvering high speed with hairpin NASCAR-like turns on a dime around the mall in my BOB? Success.

Tuesday: My first "real" running date with the BOB (and neighbor super-runner, LB). What a smooth ride! 30 minutes to pure, unadulterated bliss. We hit pavement, sidewalks, and even a bit of off-roading to great success. We even hit a few hills, but it stayed pretty easy for me...keeping/switching one hand on the BOB while running is something that must be mastered, but I got the hang of it by the end of the run. I can already tell this is going to be a serious total body workout. I just kept in mind what I had read in other mommy jogging blogs about keeping my posture in check (so as not to hunch over the stroller) and I was fine. Every time LB stooped down to check on Baby D for me and ask how he was doing, we got a big gummy grin. He loved every minute of it.
Wednesday: 3 miler (not including warmup and cooldown) with Aunti Surah along my good old University Ave route. Man do I miss living along that sweet bike path. It was a bit chillier than the two days prior, but Baby D braved the wind (see above) thanks to hat and mittens from Mama Astrid and a sweet full-body sweater from Mager. It was super windy the last mile or so, and wind resistance was not too kind... I will need to invest in a weather shield and probably a handlebar console to stash my keys, water and phone. Probably my only complaint about the BOB is that those two things don't come standard (which for how much you pay, you would think they would).

Thursday: My first solo run with Baby D in the BOB. We went about two miles, going from home to the rec, running a mile on the indoor track (Only to test the alignment which was a bit off.... NEVER AGAIN. Did you know it takes almost 7 laps to make a mile? Yuck. Even Baby D was bored after our 4th lap) and back home. I'll be completely honest and own up to the fact that I have not been running as much as I should, since I've been opting to cross-train instead (logging treadmill miles isn't that fun at 5:30 am, when all that is on is the morning news and weather). So this week officially marked the most amount of miles I have run (and outdoors, no less!) in A YEAR. Granted, Feb-Aug of last year I did NO running, and have only been on outdoor runs a handful of times in the last month or so. I was starting to feel it after yesterday's run and then (re-) realized I had yet to buy a new pair of running shoes... I've had the same pair for just under two years, and about 8 months of that I wore them as everyday shoes (I know, SO bad for them!) since they were the only shoes that I felt comfortable wearing all day.

Baby D and I Love the BOB. I know a lot of you had questions about it, so feel free to ask away if I missed anything, or stop by and take her for a spin!

Friday: Today I will be getting a new pair of running shoes via Runner's Corner and then probably popping by Sunflower Market for some Chilean produce mmm. And I should probably pound out a few miles in the new shoes as well :)


cassidy Merrill said...

So I ran outside with my lovely BOB and Oakley on Monday and Tuesday...Monday before Pump, not doing that again. I loved every minute of it! Im about to go hit it again right now but just wanted to see when we are gonna go together? Hopefully if this weather can stay good we can make it happen!!

Rachael said...

Yay for the BOB! My sister Maggie bought the Strides simply so that she would not have to spend the extra money on the parent console. The one thing that made her sad about it though, she didn't get to pick the color, it only came in red. I'm so glad that you guys are happy with it!

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