Monday, February 28, 2011

10 reasons why March is better than January or February.

1. It is not January.
2. It is not February.
3. Just do the math: everyone knows that... March is > [January+February]
4. Daylight savings kicks in.
5. Spring is just around the corner!
6. Spring break is only a month away.
7. At the end of March, we will be in single-digits in the "weeks left till summer" countdown.
8. St. Patrick's day... finally, an excuse to wear green!
9. The movies. Diary of a Whimpy Kid 2 and Rango with Johnny Depp!! What more could you want?
10. Let's be completely honest. Two of the worst months of the whole year are FINALLY over. That alone is reason to celebrate!


siovhan said...

and baseball starts showing back up on my espn feed because they head off to florida!

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

BAHAHA YOU ARE SO HILARIOUS!!! I could not agree more with you, thank goodness it is March! Lets see the Johnny Depp movie together:) Um, I am so jealous you and Katie get to run together....I wish I could come meet up with you!! We seriously need to do something ASAP!!!

Emily Rebecca Jacobs said...

Hahaha. Anna & Rachael are both like 'screw you!'....but my birthday is in March so I approve!

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