Monday, February 28, 2011

10 reasons why March is better than January or February.

1. It is not January.
2. It is not February.
3. Just do the math: everyone knows that... March is > [January+February]
4. Daylight savings kicks in.
5. Spring is just around the corner!
6. Spring break is only a month away.
7. At the end of March, we will be in single-digits in the "weeks left till summer" countdown.
8. St. Patrick's day... finally, an excuse to wear green!
9. The movies. Diary of a Whimpy Kid 2 and Rango with Johnny Depp!! What more could you want?
10. Let's be completely honest. Two of the worst months of the whole year are FINALLY over. That alone is reason to celebrate!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bountiful Baskets

What this post should really be called is HOW HAVE I NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE?!?!?
Bountiful Baskets is basically a produce co-op where you can get an assortment of approx, 6 types of fruit and 6 veggies for $15. You DO know strawberries are about $5 alone if you buy them in the store right now. What a steal. If you live in Utah, Arizona, Colorado, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, Washington or Wyoming you should seriously consider doing it. All directions for how it works are on the website.

So why is it such a steal/brilliant beyond brilliant idea? Mostly because 
1) It's inexpensive and predictable. If I did this every week, at $15 a week (it actually totals $16.50 including the processing fee) it will add up to just under $70 of produce a month. (I saw some people who were single either sharing a "basket" and splitting the cost, or volunteering for the event if they had a big family, since you get to take home some leftovers). We try to keep our food budget under $200, which Mr. D can easily do with all the coupons he finds...but never coupons for fresh produce, so that is usually where we (I) spend the most amount of money (and I usually end up going over-budget as a result). This co-op makes it a predictable expense. And,

2) It forces you to try new things. Nowadays when we go grocery shopping, it is with Baby D, and I just want to get in and out as fast as humanly possible. So I usually end up getting the same old carrots/apples/tomatoes/avocados/bananas that I know we like and will eat, but it gets old after awhile. I love that with this co-op, you are given this wide assortment of fruits and veggies, but still has most things I would like. And,

3) It makes meal-planning easier. Even though I have to travel 10 minutes to get my produce (instead of going right down the street), it is well worth it since I only go "shopping" once a week, and can then put my creative meal-planning to the test... with some help from Nisha at Healthy Mom's Kitchen of course. Just like I tell my students, it really is much easier to be creative when you have some restrictions. Case in point? My former struggle with "make healthy meals incorporating fruits and veggies" as opposed to "use the produce shown below to make meals." In case you cannot detect my sarcasm, the latter is MUCH easier to adhere to. (Photo credits to Nisha from HMK, since I do not but will someday have a lovely kitchen table to display my yummy stash of goods)

4) If you love fruits and veggies (or just want to try eating healthier) and hate comparing prices, you should try this. So...this is what I got:
FRUITS: bananas, mango, Faoelle pears, coconut, cantaloupe, strawberries
VEGGIES: tomatoes, green leaf lettuce, asparagus, butter gold potatoes, broccoli
Nom nom nom. I am like a kid in a candy store (pun intended) when it comes to buying produce and I rarely look at prices, which is terrible, but this way I don't HAVE to price check (which, like any kind of math, I despise doing). Sure, I may be kicking myself for not having tried this FIVE YEARS AGO but at least I know about it now :) And since I've scrapped most of my new year's resolutions (too overly ambitious) in exchange for more practical ones (post on that forthcoming), this will certainly be added to the list: to go through and incorporate all my fruits and veggies within a week so I can show Mr. D that it is well worth the cost. Like I said, HMK is great for help in that department, utilizing BB and some coupon website for the non-produce stuff. She is really into low glycemic eating (which is not really my cup of tea) but the recipes and ideas are seriously heaven-sent.
Shouldn't be too difficult. I only got my stash this morning and already used up the lettuce and strawberries in a salad, a tomato for a sandwich and will be making Baby D a Mango-pear puree as well as a broccoli one for his baby food ice cubes tomorrow!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

baby d's girlfriend came to visit!

An old mission companion of Mr. D's married Jess (one of my favorite people ever) 
and we had babies within 3 weeks of each other.
My goodness, can you tell baby d's excited to see Lily?
 Lily couldn't get enough of his puppy footie pajamas, and baby d was fascinated by that strange toy dangling from her shirt....
 I think he's in love.

now you know i'm big time

two sitters in TWO DAYS?!
i know. i am the luckiest mama (and sister) in the world.
now dont think i am abandoning my child here in addition to my 40 hour workweek that i don't see him. of course i missed him the whole two hours. but as any good mama knows, you cant be picky about WHEN your family/friends want to babysit for free fifty, and lets be honest, one kid is a blast but you get another little booger in the mix a few years down the road and suddenlt it turns into serious, $8/hour business (or $2-4 if you live in Utah... sad but true). so i am saving my pennies while i can and enjoying it so long as baby d has yet to pick up on stranger anxiety (knock on wood).

Thursday, February 24, 2011

if you give a mom a babysitter...

SHE WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER and ever and ever... and a day.
Thank you x a million to Rachael for driving over an hour to come see me (on her day off work, even!), hanging out with me, talk about baby things for hours and then watch Baby D (and take care of my dishes AND clean bottles... whaaaat??!?!) while I got a workout in, made dinner, and even went to a RS activity. You are AMAZING. I know there are at least a dozen people I could list off the top of my head who would do the same thing for me (like all my family, friends) in a heartbeat but live too far away, have other babies, have no car, etc. And just knowing that I have people like that in my life is the most wonderful feeling.

You see, years ago, I made it my babysitting motto to always leave a home in better condition than how I found it. And I could never figure out why doing dishes/folding laundry/putting toys away merited such praise from my employers... I mean, what else was I supposed to do after the kids went to bed and I still had 3 hours until you were coming home? No wonder a mother of 3 boys paid me upwards of $20 an hour. I'm sure it was the best $60 she ever spent if it gave her half the relief and satisfaction having Rach here for a few hours gave me. I could finally taste freedom again!! KARMA. What goes around comes around. And I will be sure to repay that favor to her someday.

So, thanks again to Rachael. Literally the only thing that would have made this night more perfect would have been if Mr. D wasn't working and we could've gone on a date. But it was still absolutely wonderful. And my kitchen is clean, bottles are washed (no one has washed bottles for me in... months!), dishwasher is emptied and reloaded for round 2 and I actually have energy to watch Teen Mom as I straighten my hair tonight before Mr. D gets home. Bliss.

On a totally different note, our dear Granny is sick this week, so we won't be able to visit her tomorrow for our weekly visit. :( Baby D sure does love visiting his Granny. We hope she feels better soon, and until then, we have this darling picture to look at from last week:

a few quick notes...

Dear flat abs of 2008/2009,
I miss you. So much. 
You know how they say you never know what you have until you lose it? Well, it's true.
I REALLY miss you. I should have never taken you for granted and now you're gone, replaced by an unruly pile of melted marshmellow fluff with droopy skin. This muffin top/belly hanging over my pants business is just GROSS and I hate it. I promise if I ever get you back, I will never take you for granted again. Ever
And maybe if you decide to grace me with your presence, I will actually try on a bathing suit again.
Love, Mrs. D
Dear Jillian Michaels,
I want your abs. I covet them even (gasp!). And I am willing to pay the price do what I need to do to get them, even if it means doing your DVD (which I haven't touched since I got at Christmas) every day for the next three months till summer hits. I don't need a six-pack, I just want my flat tummy back.
Love, Mrs D

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

5 things I learned on my "maternity leave"

1) I can get away with less pumping...I've been pumping 5 times or more a day while Baby D only eats 4. So now, instead of pumping during lunch (which is short enough anyway), I go from pumping during my prep to pumping after school. Literally gives me half my lunch back.

2) I can get away with less working out. I already lost the (Baby D) weight and have decided to nix the 5am workouts (unless, of course, I'm already up for a Baby D feeding at 5am, then I can option back into a gym workout). I can either run in the afternoon with Baby D in the BOB, or if he is sleeping, I can use one of my amazing TBL DVD's to get in a few workouts a week. At this point I need my sleep more than I need 5am workouts. I can be hardcore in the summer when I'm marathon training.

3) I need to eat healthier. This goes along with #2, because I usually eat whatever I want, knowing I have that 5am calorie burn... but if I eat healthier I can at least zero out instead of gaining weight. Bountiful Baskets should help with that, I am trying it this week for the first time. $15 for a whole lot of produce is quite the steal! And I'm planning on using some ideas from Healthy Mom's Kitchen, since she bases her family-friendly recipes around the Bountiful Baskets. I truly believe that I have more energy and am a happier person when I eat healthy 80% of the time. Gotta have my treats, right??

4) I need to spend less time in front of a screen. Computer, TV, whatever, I need to be a good example to Baby D and just learn to disconnect myself. I have so much more time when I do.

5) I need to manage my weekend time wisely. Actually use it to recoup and refresh myself, getting some stuff (ie, cleaning) done from my To Do list during the week instead of letting it all pile up for the weekend.
5 Things I already knew but was reminded of during my "maternity leave":
1) Mr. D is the best. I love him so much. He supports me 110% and I can't imagine going through this without him.
2) Baby D is hysterical. I love love love that boy.
3) I have a sweet job.
4) I love running.
5) Prayer (as cheesy as it sounds) really does work. And someday, eventually, winter will finally give way to spring. Halleluja.

Monday, February 21, 2011

when mom asks why i never spend money on new clothes...

Two reasons: $100 running shoes and a growing faster than mold baby boy.
7 months: 19 lbs 4 oz, 27 inches tall, 18 inch head.
My favorite quote from Dr. D? "He's finally growing into his head."
What?! My kid has/had a big head??

Sunday, February 20, 2011

7 favorite facial expressions to celebrate 7 sweet months

Sure they may all look the same to you... :)
#1: "Gums"... since when he makes this look he is usually chewing on his gums.
#2: The "trying to figure out why mom put my hair in a fauxhawk again" look
 #3: Smouldering.
 #4: How he looks when he is shouting "Mamamama!"
 #5: The "Mom, you're hogging my shot" Look
#6: "Mesmerized by the moving DirectTV logo/screen saver" Look
 #7: "So excited he can barely contain himself as he flails his arms" Look.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Running with LKN

Running, like art, is more about enjoying the process than the final product.
LKN is my absolute favorite person to run with (that's unrelated to me, of course) and I still consider her like one of my little sisters/roommates/besties...we could literally talk for hours about absolutely everything and before I know it our run is over and we are headed our separate ways. She is one of the most amazing people I know and I have been so lucky to befriend her over the last three years. Sure, I would have loved her to marry one of my BIL's but she is engaged to an awesome guy and I couldn't be happier for her. She loves our Baby D like he was her own and even pushed him for awhile in his BOB!
The best thing about running soulmates is that no matter where you go, and what you do, you always have running as the most ultimate awesome wonderful bond to fall back on.

I love you like a fat kid loves cake, LKN.
Specifically the fat kid in Matilda with that giant chocolate cake he licked clean off that glass dish.
What a great way to celebrate Baby D's 7 month birthday... although getting that picture is going to be much harder this month than in the months previous...

Why Run

I began running in 2000. I had spent a lot of time at home with my little brother, (born two years earlier) and encouraged my mom to go out as soon as I got home from school so I could play with him and eat entire pints of ice cream or an entire bag of Kroger brand chewy chocolate chip cookies on my own without her knowing, and then, if she would ask about it I would conjure up some lie (or buy a new pint to replace it). Sick, I know. A few times I needed a sugar fix so bad, I resorted to eating frosting on a slice of bread with chocolate chip topping. This is the first time I'm admitting it (sorry, mom) but crucial to understanding why I started running: to say it in the nicest way possible, I was turning into a bit of a chub. I weighed about 40 pounds more than I do now, but most of it was fat. Once I saw that number on the scale, I panicked, and did what any rational 8th-turning-9th grader would do: I checked out every book in the library about exercise and nutrition, started eating a lot healthier (think really big green salads) and started running. At first it was only about 10 minutes away from my house and back, but then it became 30. And I bought workout DVD's (thank you Denise Austin and some kickboxing person I can't remember...I think her name was LaTisha??) and started working out in the comfort of my basement.
I got into high school that fall, and people had started to notice me because of the weight that I lost. I loved it. No one had ever considered me "hot" before, and suddenly there were boys that wanted to date me?! I was beyond blown away. So my sugar addiction gave way to a more acceptable (at least in high school) addiction: running to be skinny. I even started altering my clothes to be more and more form fitting with each pound or two that I lost. Everyone continued telling me how great I looked, and I started to wonder, did I really look that bad before?? Apparently I did, and I did NOT want to go back to that person again. I ran nearly every day, and ate the healthiest I have in probably my whole life: pretty much eliminating processed foods altogether. I had a six pack for the first time in my life.
The summer of 2001 I was as healthy as I could have been... then my sugar cravings started coming back to haunt me. That's when it started to get scary. So by the fall, instead of eating a normal lunch (which was carrots, an apple and bread since I wasn't into sandwiches at the time), I would eat a handful of french fries. Or two cookies. Sometimes that was all I ate the whole day, and would eat little if anything for dinner (which wasn't difficult since we were usually left to fend for ourselves at dinnertime). I would weight myself every day and then write in my diary about how fat I was and what I was going to do to "be better" tomorrow. It is so sad, but I really hated myself then. My superficial friends continued to fuel my addiction for attention, but then I had friends (like Cheri and my sister Bananas) telling me I looked scary-skinny and needed to gain some weight. Looking back, I know they meant well, but at the time gaining weight was the worst possible thing in my mind. I was terrified to gain weight. One of my journal entries read: "Weighed 98 pounds today. I am SO SO fat. I know I can go back to 95 again, then I can be happy." My heart still aches for that poor, sad (and now I realize: anorexic, exercise addicted, control-freak) 15 year old.
Then in Spring of 2002, Bananas convinced me (since I was running all the time anyways) to join track with her (she is a year younger than me and had been doing track in middle school). I reluctantly agreed and absolutely loved it. We have always been super-competitive and our coach took note of it, pitting her against me in pretty much every individual race I can think of running (we ran the 800 and 400, I think) and it worked: Bananas usually kicked my butt but we would both get amazing PR's. I loved running and almost joined cross country that fall...but as soon as summer hit and I no longer had a coach challenging me to run, my running fell to the wayside.
I ran occasionally just to stay in shape through the rest of high school. When I got to college, I befriended a girl who loved running (also to stay in shape) so we became running buddies. I will swear to you that I am completely indebted to Amax for keeping me running... I ate so much my freshman year that I probably would have gained a freshman 25 if it weren't for her prodding me to keep our morning running dates. Year 2 of college we were roommates and still running when Mr. D came into the picture. Soon I wanted to spend all my spare time with him and again, running hit the wayside yet again.
In the start of 2007, when we'd been married almost a year, Mr. D asked me about my running, citing it as one of the things he admired about me (my passion for running). I started trying to run again for him (and to battle my newlywed 20) but I was so out of shape that my back was terribly sore and I wound up (with Bananas) at regular visits with a chiropractor who encouraged us to stop running. Terrible advice but I took it. So I started cross-training instead, taking up yoga, pilates, weightlifting, the elliptical, whatever I could think of to strengthen my body. Within about a month I had no need for visits to the chiropractor (who kept calling long after I told him his services were no longer necessary). I was finally pain-free and loving my hour-long sessions on the elliptical.
Fall of 2008, I started shifting from the elliptical back to running. I ran my first race since high school, a 5k with some people in my neighborhood/ward and once again, older but a bit wiser, I began to run again. So I signed up for a race the next month and the next.... before I knew it it was October 2009 and I was running in my 12th race in 13 months. I was hooked on endorphins for nothing else than the thrill of the race. It was a glorious 13 months of half marathons, 10k's and 5k's and I revelled in every minute of it. I felt strong, invincible, confident, like nothing could ever stop me from running a marathon in 7 months... then the morning sickness set in and for three months I ran sparingly, to say the least.
February 2010 we had just moved into our new (two bedroom) apartment. It was raining and some movers were bringing in our brand new washer and dryer as I came home from my run. I could feel it was an important run, and it was... it was the last run I would take for six months. By balance was just too far-flung, my tummy too big to maneuver around, and I happily reverted back to cross training (pilates, yoga, elliptical, bike, kickboxing, weights) and as the months wore on, I was able to do less and less until the last two months of my pregnancy I decided to forgo on the gym pass altogether since all I could do was walk and swim, which I did every day until the day I went into labor thank you very much. All that working out didn't do much in the way of keeping the weight off, but it sure made me feel good.

I still remember clearer how I felt on August 31, 2010 than on the day I gave birth to him (granted, I was pretty heavily drugged then). That was the day I was given my go-ahead to work out again and I ran (okay, chugged along) a glorious 16 minute mile with a soundly sleeping bug by my side. It was the day I realized why I run now: its not just for my selfish reasons anymore. I mean, it is still to clear my head and keep in shape while eating my fair share of Swiss Rolls sans guilt.

But now it is mostly to make my little guy proud of me...
I hope to forever be the mommy that can keep up with my crazy family and still have energy to spare. :)
Oh, and check out Scrumptious Saturday here for my wicked yummy oreo cake recipe.

Friday, February 18, 2011

4 days later...A BOB in review

Monday afternoon: FINALLY purchased my BOB. I was desperate to try it out, but by the time Baby D napped, it was too cold to go outside. BYU indoor track workout postponed by the need to shop for Mr. D's birthday. I am one of those super powerwalkers around the mall anyways (it's all about multitasking, right?), and I've really never been one to mosey around.... I usually just plow over (sometimes around) the moseyers. Maneuvering high speed with hairpin NASCAR-like turns on a dime around the mall in my BOB? Success.

Tuesday: My first "real" running date with the BOB (and neighbor super-runner, LB). What a smooth ride! 30 minutes to pure, unadulterated bliss. We hit pavement, sidewalks, and even a bit of off-roading to great success. We even hit a few hills, but it stayed pretty easy for me...keeping/switching one hand on the BOB while running is something that must be mastered, but I got the hang of it by the end of the run. I can already tell this is going to be a serious total body workout. I just kept in mind what I had read in other mommy jogging blogs about keeping my posture in check (so as not to hunch over the stroller) and I was fine. Every time LB stooped down to check on Baby D for me and ask how he was doing, we got a big gummy grin. He loved every minute of it.
Wednesday: 3 miler (not including warmup and cooldown) with Aunti Surah along my good old University Ave route. Man do I miss living along that sweet bike path. It was a bit chillier than the two days prior, but Baby D braved the wind (see above) thanks to hat and mittens from Mama Astrid and a sweet full-body sweater from Mager. It was super windy the last mile or so, and wind resistance was not too kind... I will need to invest in a weather shield and probably a handlebar console to stash my keys, water and phone. Probably my only complaint about the BOB is that those two things don't come standard (which for how much you pay, you would think they would).

Thursday: My first solo run with Baby D in the BOB. We went about two miles, going from home to the rec, running a mile on the indoor track (Only to test the alignment which was a bit off.... NEVER AGAIN. Did you know it takes almost 7 laps to make a mile? Yuck. Even Baby D was bored after our 4th lap) and back home. I'll be completely honest and own up to the fact that I have not been running as much as I should, since I've been opting to cross-train instead (logging treadmill miles isn't that fun at 5:30 am, when all that is on is the morning news and weather). So this week officially marked the most amount of miles I have run (and outdoors, no less!) in A YEAR. Granted, Feb-Aug of last year I did NO running, and have only been on outdoor runs a handful of times in the last month or so. I was starting to feel it after yesterday's run and then (re-) realized I had yet to buy a new pair of running shoes... I've had the same pair for just under two years, and about 8 months of that I wore them as everyday shoes (I know, SO bad for them!) since they were the only shoes that I felt comfortable wearing all day.

Baby D and I Love the BOB. I know a lot of you had questions about it, so feel free to ask away if I missed anything, or stop by and take her for a spin!

Friday: Today I will be getting a new pair of running shoes via Runner's Corner and then probably popping by Sunflower Market for some Chilean produce mmm. And I should probably pound out a few miles in the new shoes as well :)

Fuzzyhead's Foodie Friday

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om nom nom

Thursday, February 17, 2011

in case you were wondering what you missed out on Tuesday February 15th

A super messy sprinkle cake, Lunch at Red Robin and Baby D's fascination with fountains= awesome.
Posted by PicasaAmazing Oreo Cake Recipe to come on Saturday via

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

i swear he said "mama" yesterday....

to see when he usually says "mama" see the much shorter part 2 here.

(nearly) wordless wednesday

Click here for a truly wordless wednesday a la Baby D.
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a very belated "maternity leave"

Remember when I had this baby almost 7 months ago and then 4 weeks and one day later went right back to work?
Crazy, I know. I blame it on the Oxycotton. And what can I say? I had a responsibility, a job to get back to, and anyone who has ever been to school knows, those first few weeks are pretty crucial in establishing student-teacher relationships.
Wow. I really thought I looked pretty good that first Sunday. Its a good thing they give you so many post-surgery drugs, because had I known I looked like that  I would have NEVER stepped foot out the house. Oh, you forgot I had a C-section and then six days later brought my tiny baby freshout the NICU (as in: the night before) to germ-infested church? :) Just kidding. About the germ infestation, that is. Of course I brought him to church. I am a warrior. This kid has never missed a week of church. Sure he may sleep in and make us a little late, but we still make it.

Back to the maternity leave. In short, I never took one. Didn't want to "waste" my sick and personal days and at the time it seemed like a fantastic idea. Every month I have either a vacation or three day weekend to look forward to, so that really helped. Well, the start of 2011 brought with it a whole slew of challenges, mostly me trying to do too much. And I didn't realize it until I started to unravel over the last two weeks, which quickly led to me sitting in the principal's office, completely broken down.

She calmly handed me some tissues, listened to what I had to say, and asked me what she could do to help. I was sad, frustrated, and (dare I say?) a bit depressed. I was trying to do way too much and had a hard time coming to terms with the fact that I couldn't do it all. When she suggested a week off (using my precious few sick days, of course), it was like a light bulb appeared out of nowhere. I would take a week off work, re-evaluate my life and figure some stuff out, then come back refreshed and ready to go. I was already brainstorming what my lesson plans would say before I walked out the door.

So this week has been... well, in a word, heaven. Pre-baby, I thought I would go out of my mind staying at home (since I did that for a whole 4 months post-graduation and went just about stir crazy!) but this week has been a real eye-opener. I am much more relaxed, my house(hold) and sanity are all the better for it and I (feel like I) have seen Mr. D more often this week than I have the last six months!

I'm sure my co-worker and mentor is just cringing reading this right now. :) No worries, Sari, I will happily be back to work on Tuesday, and am fully planning on keeping my job so long as we live here. I am happier than I have been in quite a while because in the quiet of the last few days I have realized a few things I want to share:

1) I have the best job ever. There are not too many bosses who would voluntarily let their employees just take a week off without penalty because "family comes first." Teaching art comes naturally to me, lesson plans easily flow from my mind and I have excellent students. I have enviously awesome benefits that I know we will never have as good anywhere else. Lucky, lucky me. :) I only wish I had 32 hours in a day so that I could work 8 hours, then get to spend 24 hours at home. Or split myself into two?

2) I was trying to do it all on my own. *NOT recommended* There are somethings I would rather do myself (like cleaning bathrooms and the house) because I like it done a certain way, but there are other things (hello, laundry!) that I have finally delegated to Mr. D, which I should have done months ago. It's all about priorities, people.

3) Speaking of priorities, that leads me to talking about working out. I gave myself the (near) impossible ultimatum to workout for six weeks at 5am every weekday, without skipping a day, in order to get new running shoes and a BOB stroller I so desperately wanted and in reality actually needed. I am good about working out daily, but about once or twice a week, it is just too darn hard to wake up that early and I work out in the afternoon instead (which would start me over on my six weeks). What was I thinking?!
I must have been crazy. So we went ahead and bought the stroller (meaning I can go workout in the afternoon guilt-free, since I can bring along Baby D with me) and I am planning on getting new shoes tomorrow. I have worked SUPER hard to get the baby weight off and get myself back in shape and I really wasn't giving myself enough credit. Its good to reward yourself when you are doing a good job, especially when it encourages you to keep up the good work :)

4) I absolutely love my family like I never knew I could love. And that love will propel me to work as long as I need to to provide for my family until that blessed day when it is no longer necessary. I will continue to find time for myself (although with my BOB it can now be time with Baby D as well!) and really enjoy living in the moment. Why else would they call it the present?
BOB stroller review (in a nutshell, LOVE IT), wordless wednesday and more pics from Mr. D's 27th bday to come later this week!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


happy happy birthday to Mr. D, the most handsome 27 year old there is. Who made the cutest baby ever born almost 7 months ago, who just so happens to be like his daddy... a total ladies man :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

what valentines day is really about.

It drives me crazy when my students get all huffy and upset about "Single awareness day"...because I never believed Valentine's was a day about boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife and a candlelit dinner with a dozen roses on the side. Maybe that's because I've never had one of those typical rom-com dates (nor have I ever had any desire to have one) and one of my fondest Valentine memories while growing up was my dad giving us these little candies and cute fake flowers on Vday.

Valentines is about love, people. And I really hope all the single ladies reading this (especially my sisters) realizes that its not just about being with a boy. Its about finding a boy (eventually, no rush ladies) that is at least half as good and treats you just as well (and maybe if you are lucky is close to being as charming and handsome) as Mr. D. is to me.

I'm lucky to be the queen bee of my little household of boys. And I love it. 
I have the best man, baby and Kevs ever. I love you guys.
My Vday plans you may ask? Oh, just hanging out with Baby D in this little gem:
Did I forget to mention I finally bought my BOB REVOLOUTION stroller?!?!
Best. Purchase. Ever. I am pretty sure my heart skipped about 50 beats as I tried really hard not to start running laps around Mr. D's car in the REI parking lot. I only ran one :)
Special thanks to parents and the inlaws and Mr. D for funding my fabulous ride. You guys are the best!!
Cannot wait for Baby D to wake up from his nap.

Off to a date night with Baby D, the BOB and the local indoor track! (with a little bday shopping for Mr. D's bday of course!)

Even though I know how very far apart we are

Happy Valentine's Day!!
From our heart...

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Baby D's weekend

hanging out with Cousin Blair, 'Tiem and Baby J. A perfect weekend.
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