Saturday, January 22, 2011

why today was so much better than yesterday:

1. Although Baby D still had his 4am feeding, I got to sleep in until the glorious hour of 7:45am. Did you know the sun is up at 745?! I envy people who get to wake up every day to sunlight (and not in pitch-blackness like myself).
2. I got a 90 minute workout in to makeup for missing Thursday and Friday workouts. Man, did that feel good!
3. I actually cleaned my house for the first time in THREE WEEKS!! No wonder I was going crazy.
4. I got all the laundry done from this and last week. Yup, I have this nasty habit of leaving clothes in the dryer/hamper that are clean and not getting around to putting them away until a week later. Well, not this week!
5. I got to spend time with Mr. D at work (and then we had lunch together), since he was working a tennis match. Baby D found a tennis ball and absolutely loved it!

6. Baby D was in a fabulous mood, making these sweet little noises on the ride home ...I just can't believe how much I love him!
7. We stopped by the Redbox to rent The Social Network, one of many movies I have yet to see!
8. The Redbox happened to be at a McDonald's...which made me think about something a student told me yesterday... apparently when you put a McD's burger and Spicy Chicken sandwich together to eat, its called a "McB*tchin'." True story. Still cracks me up every time I see a McDonald's.
9. Mr. D is actually done with work before 8pm tonight... so that means DATE NIGHT!! Can you tell I don't get too many of those? I love that man so much, it is quite a wonderful thing that he still tolerate my silliness.

Oh, and here are some pics of Baby D celebrating his half birthday... by getting to eat FRUIT!
Baby D is so excited for Bananas!
Good thing the Kevs is there to clean up mashed banana spills.
I. Love. This. Child.


Emily Rebecca Jacobs said...

I love that child too :) Glad today was better! AND I am TOTALLY GLAD you get to see Social Network finally :) After you told me it was at Redbox I stopped by one, but they were all out :/ too lazy to go to another one. Haha, maybe next week? :)

Taylors said...

You guys have the cutest baby!!! he's so adorable and handsome! and you cute cat cleaning the floor reminds me of my Tony! I call him my "furry vacum"
Nice blog Ruth!

anna. said...

plus you got to skype with meee.

and buy super-expensive baby applesauce. yum ( :

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