Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A waste of $20. My BIG FAT GIANT ASTERISK 5k

I ran the Frigid 5k on Saturday morning and have never been so disappointed in a race (and I've run quite a few races). To start off, of the "goodies" they gave us, the coupon from the main sponsor was about 4 months expired. And one of the pamphlets was a list of races for 2010-11 (oh, kinda nice...) but it listed races all over the country (oh. so...not the ones in Utah? wouldn't that make sense since we live here??).

Then there came the actual race. I was excited to be running outside in the snow/ice for the first time since we were in Boston over Christmas break... yeah, it was below freezing but that was sorta the fun part! And there were only about 30 people participating (which I think is actually pretty fun to have such a small group) but then once we got started running... everyone in front of me disappeared within about 5 minutes. Thankfully, there was a guy and two girls by me, so at least I knew I was on the right path. Well, about 17 minutes into my run on this "clearly marked course" (or so they said), we were meeting up with a group who were most certainly ahead of us!!! What?! We must have accidentally taken a shortcut, because as I half-heartedly crossed the finish line at something like 23 minutes (yeah, RIGHT), I knew, I could FEEL that I hadn't run a 5k. So they took my sticker (yup, no race bib, just a sticker), marked my time and off I went inside with Mr. D and Baby D (first time he hadn't seen me cross the finish line at a race, since he was just getting there) and ate my weight in crusty donuts and drowned my sorrows in warm cocoa.

NOT a good race. I even took to the treadmill yesterday to see how fast I could run my fastest 5k?
28 minutes 35 seconds. Not even close to the 23 minutes they had me at.
Like I said, waste of $20. Not even the race shirt could cheer me up. I sorta feel like I deserve a refund. But I guess that's my fault for picking a crappy race. Don't worry, I won't make the same mistake next year. Even if that means skipping a January race in favor of two June ones or something.

Augh. How frustrating. Put me in a funk all Saturday.
Now to focus on my February race...

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anna. said...

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sometimes having bad races make the good ones even better...

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