Sunday, January 02, 2011

Things NOT to do at an airport/on an airplane.

1. Try to get to the airport early. Because you will, inevitably, get delayed.
 2. Take a baby with you on a flight anywhere, unless you are prepared/strong enough to be toting your body weight in BABY STUFF. (like blankets, burp rags, a baby carrier, toys, wipes, bottles, 6 diapers you will use ALL of due to a.m. blowouts, and 3 outfits to go along with said blowouts...)

3. Give you child your empty juice can, thinking he would love playing with it...until you realize there are little drops of blood everywhere and he's just cut himself for the first time and even with ALL THAT STUFF you don't have a band-aid for the poor little bugger.
Welcome, 2011. And please...learn from my mistakes.


Andrea said...

Power to you sista! If anyone can do it, it most definitely is you.

anna. said...

oh nooo, baby d ) :

gotta stick with the altoid containers...

Emily Rebecca Jacobs said...

Baby D :(

One time Johnny got a bee sting on his finger & he screamed for an hour...worst hour ever. Babies getting hurt is a stupid invention.

He's a champ though :)

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