Tuesday, January 11, 2011

SAD and 3 things

First of all, I would like to admit that I have Seasonal Affective Disorder... January and February are my LEAST favorite months (thanks a lot, Utah) and I would like nothing better than to load up on hot cocoa and hibernate in my down comforter for the next 60 days or so. Unfortunately, I will never have that luxury, so I'll just have to grit my teeth and pray that spring (or at least springlike weather) comes sooner than later. So consider that your disclaimer for anything negative I have to say before Daylight Savings lets us Spring back.

Today was hard. Pretty much ever since coming back from Winter Break it has just been REALLY stinking hard. I find myself getting frustrated more than ever over the silliest things and overall I am usually in a rotten mood (if you haven't noticed, its because I am really trying to get out of it). I was reading something, (probably in Oprah's magazine that MIL gave me) that said you can only really do three things extremely well at any given time. THREE?!?! That's it!? (And come on, lets admit that if anyone would know about doing something really well, it's her).

Well, here are the three things I wish I were doing extremely well (in the order that I wish they were being done):
1. Being a good wife
2. Being a good mommy
3. Taking charge of my health (working out, cooking healthy meals, etc)

Okay, then here is what I am guessing (based on time spent doing it) I am doing well:
1. Teaching (7am-3pm, 40+ hours a week)
2. Mommying (3pm-8pm M-F and 24/7 weekends, 40+ hours a week)
3. Sleeping (I try to get 7 hours a night so I can fully function during the day)

So now it makes sense why I am so frustrated. I am pretty proud of how much quality time I am able to spend with my Bug when he is awake (sort of out of default since Mr. D is usually at work), but I really wish I had more time with Mr. D and more time for myself. And more time to keep my house from looking like a pigsty. Okay, maybe just more time...

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Rachael said...

Let's plan a time soon when I can come down and babysit again so that you and Mr. D can actually have some time together. Deal?

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