Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Let's make a deal.

Oh, were you looking for my belated Scrumptious Sunday post? It will have to wait until next week, when I'll do a Super Scrumptious Sunday with two yumminesses... I am trying not to spend money on groceries till February kicks in, and it takes a little more creativity/time to figure out what to make out of random leftovers.

Anyway, ever since my little meltdown this weekend, I've been trying to find some more inspiration to work out in the AM... okay, maybe just to get out of bed when my body and brain are screaming for me to curl back up in my down comforter with Mr. D for "just 5 more minutes" (sound familiar? story of my life!). Well, back in the fall/immediately post-baby time, I promised myself two things: 

1) I could buy a (long overdue) new pair of running shoes once I ran a race [and I have run two since then], and 
2) I would buy a BOB jogging stroller once I lost the baby weight/got money from parents and in-laws/sold my extra Medela pump [sold for just over $240! I was thrilled!].

So.... I still have no jogging stroller and haven't stepped foot in a running shoe store in over 18 months. So I am making a New Deal with myself. Starting today, for the next two weeks, if I can make it to the gym before work EVERY morning for 30 minutes or more, I can buy a new pair of running shoes.

After February 7th, if I can continue in that habit for one month/4 weeks (whatever comes first), I am going to buy myself that BOB. (because I honestly wouldn't put poor Baby D out to run with me and to brave the elements until March, anyway).

We'll see how it goes.... If I miss a day, I start over on the 2 weeks/4 weeks countdown. One weekday down, 9 to go!
In other news... I've decided to start making my own baby food. Buying it is just too expensive! I would much rather spend that money on good food for Mr. D and I (no offence to Baby D). Any advice/tips/suggestions would be appreciated :) I already have a food processor and I am buying a babyfood cookbook online tomorrow (Annabel Karmel's Top 100 Baby Purees).

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