Friday, January 28, 2011

a day in the life of a

5:00 am.
alarm goes off. hit snooze. twice.

5:10 am.
finally wake up and pump while reading scriptures for the day. change into workout clothes while still debating actually working out. clean pump, prep bottle (i usually pump right into a bottle about 9 ounces that Mr. D will use for the late morning feeding, so we don't have to refrigerate it). oh, that bed is so warm...

5:25 am.
put in contacts to help fight battle of the bed. still contemplating going back to sleep for another hour.

5:30 am.
Baby D wakes up right on schedule. feed him (i may have fallen asleep for a moment or two while feeding him), change him, put him back to bed where he'll sleep until 8 or 9 for Mr. D.

5:55 am.
race out the door. madly try to de-ice my windshield with my broken ice scraper. its usually below freezing this early (today was about 20 degrees) but i guess ice-scraping keeps me warm while i start the car.

6:00 am.
at the gym. workout: was going to be elliptical but they were all taken/broken, so i opted for my favorite go-to: 3 miles on the treadmill (with random hills, just to mix things up a little). since the gym opens at 5:30am, that is usually my favorite time to go, because then i can get access to the equipment i want (and the spots closest to the best TV's). i only go at 5:30 if baby D wakes up earlier than he did today, like at 4 or 4:30. those days are difficult to stay awake for the first little while, but they are really nice because then i can get in a 60 minute (where i'll usually do cardio and then half of a spin/weights/ABT class) instead of my usual 30 minute workout.

6:30 am.
race home (under the speed limit, of course) and immediately start simultaneously eating (a banana) and stretching (I consider my running into and out of the gym my warmup and cooldown and NEVER have time to just stretch at the gym). i think i would go crazy if i couldn't multitask. make a peanut-butter-honey sandwich and eat half of it while starting the shower.

6:45 am.
shower. try not to step on the cat as i change, fix my hair, makeup (don't get all excited. mascara. that's pretty much the extent of it), and brush teeth. prep pump (AKA throw it all in my bag) and everything else i need to take with me to work, including the other half of my PBH sandwich (which i will finish eating during my prep period).

7:15 am-12:15 pm.
work. i always have a first period and then on alternating days have either a second or third period class, the other one is my prep. first 15 minutes of whichever class i have as my prep is dedicated to pumping, then grading papers/working on lesson plans/etc.

12:20 pm.
drive home, pump in tow. first 10 minutes are dedicated to scarfing down as much food as i can find in the kitchen. oh, and talking to my DH about how his day has been with the Bug.

12:30 pm. pump... yeah, it does get old after awhile. especially because at lunch i only get about 2 ounces, compared to the 8 or so i get from each of my morning sessions. but i just put the whole pump in the fridge, so i don't have to wash it, and i will just re-use it when i come home from work.

12:45 pm.
baby d wakes up from his nap, i give him a quick squeeze and kiss and its back to work for me. one last class to go!

3:00 pm. finally home for good! TGIF. baby d was being a bit of a stinker and was still awake today. so i fed him some oat cereal (kind of like rice cereal but i will swear he likes it better than rice!) and we make a fun little mess.

3:45 pm.
post-cleanup, baby d finally goes down for his nap. i pump (again) and fall into bed, exhausted, for a nap.

5:15 pm.
auntie em and jamie and johnny stop by to visit for a few minutes (em came to show off her new prosthetic! its pretty hot!), baby d wakes up and hilarity ensues...thanks to johnny of course. mr. d leaves for work (BYU volleyball tonight).

6 pm.
baby d has eaten a bit and we head over to watch the 4th quarter of the JV boys basketball game. after the game, i grab a quick bite at wendy's and eat while feeding baby d his bottle (he is still in his carseat).

7 pm.
back to the school for the varsity game! so much fun. we watch the first half with some of my co-workers, but by halftime i can tell that baby d won't be all cooing and smiles for much longer.

7:45 pm.
we head home. i swear baby d is at his giggliest right before i put him down for the night. i was putting on his diaper and he was just cracking up like it was the funniest thing on the planet. man do i love that kid.

8:15 pm.
baby d is asleep, and i am pumping for the last time today. and if you're wondering why this post is in lower case, it's because i started typing the first half of it while pumping (so i could only use one hand) then figured i would keep it the same lower-caseness the whole way through. consistency is key, right?

9:15 pm.
well, that's a pretty typical (week) day for me, except usually we visit with Granny on friday nights instead of going to a basketball game (don't worry, we'll see her tomorrow). i'm exhausted just recapping today! but while my life is so tiring and crazy right now, i wouldn't have it any other way. it is not easy, but then again, who acutally has an easy life? no one i know, at least. mr. d just stopped by to change clothes and play basketball with some friends for an hour... i'll hopefully be asleep by then :)

i was planning on laundry and cleaning the house, but that will have to wait for tomorrow morning because i am pooped out. thank goodness for weekends or my house would always be a wreck [a trapsh*t, right, mandy? :)]. today was a good day, but i really do live for the weekends. and holidays. i can't wait to sleep in until 7 tomorrow, i just know it will be heaven.

on a completely random note, i also went through baby d's wardrobe yesterday and realized that this child has some seriously long legs for a baby:
yeah, those are long pants. just about every pair he has fit him like that. now, before you start calling CPS on me (it is winter here), know that i've busted out all the 9 month old clothes... all 12 outfits or so. it's too bad the most outfits i had for him were from 0-6 months and those were the ones he grew out of the fastest! what a chunk. a healthy little chunk.


Michelle said...

I'm with you girl...can't believe I am still awake myself, we're up early for a volleyball tourney tomorrow, so not a real sleep in day, but way better than 5:20 for sure!! Love you kiddo.....g'night ZZZzzzzzz......

naomi said...

It never ends, huh. I still don't get how you fit a full time job into this

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