Thursday, January 27, 2011

back to square one.

well, after doing so well this week (waking up at 5am for workouts monday-wednesday) I gave in this morning. something about not having enough sleep/making up for it in eating a ton made me call it quits. so, tomorrow, the two weeks of working out in the AM starts yet again. I may not get new running shoes/my BOB till summer at this rate (i can already see Mr. D cheering in the background. not because he wants me to fail but because he will be happy to keep that money earning interest in the bank for the next few months at least. and not that i blame him). also the thought of taking on a half marathon in april is slowly going down the tubes... june is looking like my best bet to hit the starting line in one piece, sanity intact, with confidence.

also on the docket? my pump just got recalled. the second one i've received has had a few minor problems (like the tubes falling out of where they belong after i steam clean them) and the one before that had a clicking sound... but what else am i supposed to get if i send it back to medela?

i am lucky that my pump is working fine for now but i do i really want to keep using a pump that will (probably) just crap out on me (again)?

is there a better pump out there?

i just don't know. maybe i'll just call this whole pumping thing quits.
then again, that (like "just" quitting my job) invites a whole new slew of problems, mostly financial. and i'm not sure i am ready to deal with starting formula.


cassidy Merrill said...

Don't give up girl! I believe in you! The Bob is worth every step of the way! Also about the medela.... They won't give your money back? What about the one you were trying to sell? I would throw a fit and possibly they will give you your money back since you have had all these problems. good luck girl!

Rachael said...

Ruth, don't call it quits. I'd suggest going over to the hospital and renting one from them. They have Ameda pumps that are equally as good as the Medelas when it comes to ease of use. Then, when Medela sends you your check, if you decide you are done pumping, use it toward your stroller also. That's sad that they have a recall though.

Merrick said...

I have a Lansinoh double electric pump. It's this one:

I've used it multiple times a day (I only breast feed him when he wakes up in the morning) for almost 10 months, and it's still going strong. The plug actually just died on me yesterday, but I'm just using batteries and the pump itself is still working fine. It's also really fast -- I get all my milk out in less than 10 minutes, and I've had no problems keeping my milk supply despite what people have told me about solely pumping.

Good luck -- don't give up!

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