Thursday, December 02, 2010

RRCB: November Recap

I finally finished The Perfect Mile. Brilliant brilliant book. Roger Bannister is my newfound hero! It was like Seabiscuit for runners. Definitely recommend it. And I started reading My Stroke of Genius. A little difficult to get into because of all the brain jargon, but its a pretty short book and is working its way to being more interesting/applicable to teaching and creativity. Now I just have to find the Chronicles of Narnia series to get started on....

I can run 30 minutes solid! These colder, snowy days make me SO grateful for my gym pass... speaking of which, I am officially dubbing December BIGGEST LOSER MONTH!! I am SO determined to get rid of those last few straggling pounds before the new year rolls in, so I am going bigger, harder, faster, (hopefully) stronger with my workouts!

Sometimes I feel like the worst kind of artist... in between lesson plans and helping my students with their own artworks, the only time I have to work on my own stuff is when I am at home and Bug is asleep... in which case, I am exhausted as well and usually end up sleeping. I know "no excuse is a good excuse" but at least I keep up with my blogging :) one of the few "easy" creative things to keep up with. Just under a month till I can print off my second half of 2010 book!

This past month, my sleeping habits have really gotten bad and everything else has sort of followed suit. This month I am really going to try to focus on not only getting to bed earlier but also making better use of my time not wasting time, but actually getting things done and being productive so I can feel less guilty about spending all my spare time with this little man! I think I will start by cleaning my desk of all these papers I have to grade :)

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skroner said...

so proud of you for working hard!! (:

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