Tuesday, December 21, 2010

rediculous nonsense.

When Baby D slept for nearly 12 hours last night, I just about had a full on cardiac arrest when I woke up. Needless to say (I'm blaming it on the full fledgling of 5 immunizations he got yesterday), I assumed his naps would be super short due to a full night's rest. I was wrong.
Nap 1 lasted while I did all my Christmas shopping for Mr. D (who was watching Baby D)
Nap 2 lasted long enough for me to shower. And then tidy up the bedroom. And actually fold all the laundry. Then, to really test him, I actually curled my hair. Not really that big of a deal unless you consider that I haven't done that since he was about a week old. Not that I was going anywhere (quite the opposite since Mr. D was working late tonight) but I did it because I could. And wouldn't you know? Baby D slept through it all. Another 2+ hour nap. My mind started racing, thinking about all the things I would do with such a wonderfully sleeping baby... like fixing my hair EVERY day! (can you imagine?)
Then my poor little Baby D woke up. With a fever! Thank goodness for Infant Tylenol.
Today was going to be the day I introduced Baby D to "real" food, made by yours truly. Well, I started up the food processor, threw in some cooked green beans, and ... the worst, most ear-piercing sound I have ever heard in my life coming from my child. I figured it must be the proximity of the noise so I moved him to the other room. And he STILL screamed just as violently. After comforting him, I tried yet a third time to puree his green beans, to no avail. I swore that I would never, ever use the food processor while he was on the same floor as me. So we packed up, headed to the store, and bought some carrots and green beans that didn't look like this:
That would be known as a "Mommy FAIL." They wouldn't puree for the life of me! On the upside, he did rather enjoy his first taste of carrots:
And then we topped off the night playing with a (noisy) Altoids tin containing about a dozen Cheerios.
Oh, you didn't know? Altoids tins are the new "it" toys of Christmas.
You're lucky Christmas is still 4 days away... that still gives you time to buy one!


MuncherCruncher said...

What a cute little baby!! I'm glad someone can relate with me as far as the snow disaster today! SO CRAZY!!!!

anna. said...

hahaahahha i love this post. i can't believe you "let" him get that messy.. i'm sure his carrot-eating is just his newfound way of expressing his artistic side..

you can totally see a carrot-paste smiley face in the corner of his high chair.
<3 altoids.

anna. said...

OOPS. that last one was sarah (: ps haha

Anonymous said...

hey, your hair has really grown out. pretty! (although i liked it short, too.) also, i've still got some last minute gifts to pick up -- altoid tins for everyone? ha.

anna. said...

LOVE THIS. this is actually anna too ( :

i know i said it already, but i miss when daniel's face turned orange from all the veggies he ate and i hope dustin's does too.

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