Tuesday, December 07, 2010

first (finger) paintings

Remember this post? The Kevs was about 5 months old when he created his first painting. Well, not to be outdone, Baby D is just under 5 months and tonight we worked on his first little masterpiece.  Here is the rough draft:

And the final product...Baby D's apology note to his dad for being a fussypants this afternoon:
I'm sure we'll have plenty more finger paintings to come in the next few months! I would have taken a video of it (the look on his face as I painted his hands was priceless) but I was a little too preoccupied trying to keep the painted hands out of his open mouth... also, day 2 of rice cereal was a HUGE success! It only took 15 minutes instead of 35 to eat a tablespoon of milked-down rice cereal :)


Emily Rebecca Jacobs said...

He is awesome. & totally talented I might add.

anna. said...

hah ditto to what em said.

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