Sunday, December 26, 2010

11 races in 11 months in 2011

When I heard that we were supposed to get about 15-20 inches of snow tonight, I knew what I had to do if I wanted to get at least one good winter outdoor run this week... so this morning, after about 5 hours of sleep (courtesy of Baby D sleeping in our room for the first time since week 6, who makes almost as much noise as Mr. D does snoring haha), I laced up and put on my brand new running gloves (xmas present from little b) and went out to run my usual route from when we lived with the in-laws a few years ago. I haven't run outside in snow in over a year. A few things I realized:

1) Running in snow is HARD! Akin to running in sand, the saying "two steps forward and one step back" came to mind, except to be realistic it was more like "one step forward and a half step sliding backward."

2) Has running outside in December always been so COLD?? Thank goodness for the new playlist Mr. D's gave me (my ipod hasn't been updated for about the last 2 years) or else I would have turned around and gone back inside about 90 seconds in. Needless to say, it is full of the likes of Ludacris and Lady Gaga but I'll be darned if it doesn't get me jamming out the door (even if I do get some strange looks from passing cars while lipsyncing mid-run). By 10 minutes in, my teeth stopped chattering and it actually started to feel pretty good! Thank goodness for music. Although I did run/workout for a full year without music, and it does have its benefits insofar as listening to your body goes, I do love music. The best part about the run this morning was that it took me the same amount of time (just under an hour) to run this tried and true route as I did pre-baby and in good weather. Pretty much made my day.

3) If there's anything I've learned since having a baby, its that if I don't get it (meaning a good workout) done early in the morning, it just. won't. get. done. Period. I can make excuses all I want (my favorite one is that I didn't get enough sleep), or try to convince myself that I will go for a run in the afternoon when its a little warmer, but 99.9% of the time, if I don't do it right when I wake up and end up procrastinating it, it just won't happen.

4) The #1 reason why I run during the holidays? FOOD glorious food!! Plain and simple. I never count calories or deprive myself of holiday goodness because I love love love good food, and running gives me the opportunity to eat what I want without worrying (too much) about not fitting into the limited supply of clothes I take with me on vacation (including skinny jeans).

5) I decided today that 2011 will be the year I run 11 races in 11 months! Catchy, I know. Each race will (hopefully) be a little different, and I plan on at least doing a 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon, a race in another state and a 5k and 10k each with Baby D in tow via the jogging stroller (once I get it, of course!). I'll keep you posted on the races and hopefully pick up some running buddies along the way :)

And while I am still finnagling with new year's resolutions (to be posted as soon as I officially decide on them), here's a little something to tide you over (and hopefully make you laugh) I found today. HRG share a lot of the same running/eating philosophies I do and is absolutely hilarious to boot!

How to lose the holiday weight: (via hungryrunnergirl)
1. Amputation.  For bigger results go for the legs.
2. Don't drink any liquid for the next 48 hours and make sure to work out as much as you can.
3. Throw away every last morsel of non-diet food in your kitchen. Vegetables and most fruits allowed.
4. Take lots of pills and supplements that promise instant weight loss and instant self-confidence and love for one's body.
5. Use all of your gift cards and sell all of your presents to pay for all the plastic surgery you can get.

Obviously, I am JUST KIDDING.  You know I REFUSE to fall into the diet industries annual 40 billion dollar trap.
I know a lot of women and men all over are kicking themselves for indulging a little or a lot over the holidays.
I want you to go look in your mirror right now and recite:
"Dang, I am one fine woman (or man).  I am not going to beat myself up for enjoying the holidays.  I am worth so much more than a silly number that tells me what my gravitational pull is."
You will fall back into your normal eating habits, you will be able to workout just as much as you did before and your body will go to its happy place.....just give yourself some slack and let it happen:)
mmk?  Thanks.

Hope your Christmas was merry and bright! What are you choosing as your new years resolutions for 2011?? I'd love some ideas!


anna. said...

run with meeeeee

Emily Rebecca Jacobs said...

Haha...I weighed the same a couple weeks after my amputation as I did before it. I would blame the hospital food, but I didn't eat anything. So... Water weight maybe?

Ps. I've always realllly disliked running, but maybe I'll totally love it in a couple months? We'll see.

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