Wednesday, November 24, 2010

WIGF Day 28

Three words: "Buyer Protection Plan."

I went to use my Medela Pump in Style on monday night, plugged everything in, turned it on click click. Shut it off. Turned it back on. Nothing. It was already late, after 10pm, and I knew Babies R Us was closed. I could feel panicking rising in my throat and I called Mr. D to remedy the situation.

Long story short, because we had a 5-year buyer protection plan on my pump, we would be getting reimbursed the full cost of the pump to buy one that will hopefully last longer than 4 months. And we bought a $50 Evenflo pump as backup, and for me to use until we got the new one. I suppose it was bound to happen with me pumping a full 7-8 times a day, so I am SO grateful we spent a little extra to get the buyer protection plan.

Also, about the Kevs... the vet couldn't find anything wrong with him. And still charged me $50. So thanks to me, our budget is off by about $100 this month. Oy.

And the Kevs is still limping. :(

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