Tuesday, November 02, 2010

RRCB: October Recap

Finished reading Happy Sleep Habits, Happy Child (and put it into use, it works like a charm on Baby D!), Eat Pray Love (good but a little overrated), and The Tipping Point. I am currently reading The Perfect Mile (a brilliant book about the first attempt at a 4 minute mile...halfway through and loving it!) and hope to start on the Chronicles of Narnia again this month. I am still spending about an hour a day (six 10-minute sessions of) pumping a day, which really does add up to a lot of reading! I am hoping to get a PumpEase for my birthday, which will make it easier for me to do things (like read) hands-free...

I lucked into a new running buddy, L. She lives across the street and runs half marathons for FUN! Crazy girl, but she is dedicated (she runs with me at 5:30 am even though she has nowhere to be until 9) and knows all the good running routes around where we live. We've been running 2-3 times a week together, and I've been hitting the gym/doing pilates/Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga DVD (with Bob, which I LOVE!!) on the other days. My workouts are far from perfect, but getting something in 6 days a week really does wonders in keeping me sane. And Baby D has really enjoyed our walks in his baby carrier in the afternoons (when we have good weather) since he can now hold up his head and face forward...MUCH more interesting than staring at my chest and neck, to be certain. Did you know that baby socks can double as mittens?? I feel so thrifty!

Still mostly lesson plans, demos, and of course, working on advancing the little blob-turned-small-child that is our little Bug. He is rolling over, grabbing at his feet (always with his right hand!) and everything else within reach. I am sure there will get to be a point where it drives me crazy, but for now I am loving it. Anything to see him turning more human than babyblob!

Oh, balance...I think limiting cleaning to Saturday mornings and laundry to Fridays helps, but also means that I can't sleep in or take a nap on those days or it won't get done. Balance is SO hard.
Attempting to:
*sleep 8 hours a day (usually only done with a daily nap)
*not do anything else but BE and bond with Baby D every minute he is awake
*workout every day
*stay on top of things at work
*spend quality time with Mr. D
*stay on top of housework
*and still have time for friends, family, colleages, etc
is no easy task. But I am getting better at multitasking. Writing stuff down helps.

Onward and forward to November... the craziness is only just beginning!

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skroner said...

ahhhhhh i got you that biggest loser yoga dvd for christmas last year!!!! so glad you love and are using it (: (: (:
and i love that you call your son a babyblob.. ahahahhaa <3

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