Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Healthy Habits (Cliffs Notes version for poor Naomi, who I rambled on to and sent her a novel instead of this, which I should have sent in the first place)

I am by NO means perfect, but I have learned a thing or two when it comes to motivation in the areas of working out and getting/staying healthy through LOTS of trial and error. And since I've had so many requests, here it is:

The "Cliffs Notes" version on what I have learned (and found success in!) 
about working out and eating healthy:
-Set SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely)
-Always have a gameplan...but make sure you mix it up so you never get bored!
-Have someone to report to... a spouse, BF/GF, sibling, parent, friend, ANYONE who cares about you, sincerely wants you to do well and will act as your cheerleader as you accomplish your goals (instead of trying to sabotage you!)
-Have a way to report to yourself... I put little "O"'s in my planner (one for each day) and fill it in with a smilie face for each hour I work out. Makes me feel so good!

On eating:
-NEVER deprive yourself of anything. Focus on what you can eat: you can really eat anything as long as you do it in moderation. Deprivation always leads to guilt (because lets face it, you are eventually going to go back to that "bad" food you love anyway!) but at the same time be practical... no one got healthy on a diet of cupcakes!
-Drink lots of water. Whatever you think you should drink, try to double it. Most of the time hunger is really just thirst.
-Make a list of all the healthy meals and snacks you can eat from your own fridge/cabinets and tape it to your fridge as a reminder of all the things you should and can eat plenty of! (on my list: peanut butter toast, veggies, fruit, trail mix, hard boiled eggs, tuna and crackers, frozen go-gurt, Healthy Choice frozen meals, etc)
-Write down your goals. Put those on the fridge (or some other very visible place!)
-If I want a treat, I always drink some water and eat an apple or some kind of vegetable beforehand... it makes me feel a bit more full and allows me to really enjoy the treat even more!
-And if I know I shouldn't have any more treats... I do the "distract for 20 minutes" thing and if I still want that treat after 20 minutes, then I'll get it (usually when I have to stop to think about it, I end up not wanting it anymore).
-I never eat anything I don't TRULY want.

On working out:
-Find something you love and DO IT. If you don't know what you like, try a bunch of new things (you can always swap workout DVD's on until you do figure it out!
-Always have a "Plan B". If I don't make it to my 5am gym workout, I am usually restricted to doing stuff at home due to the Baby D... my plan B always involves Bob Harper or some other equally enjoyable workout DVD. Some of them I know so well that I can watch a DVR'd show while I listen to the workout on my laptop and kill two birds with one stone.

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