Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Day Zero #11: Live within a budget for one month

Okay, so I sort of cheated. I made my day zero list at the start of 2010 and haven't really looked at it before this past weekend... so went through and revised it then went back in today (after going through the list with Mr. D and realizing that I had quite a few multiples) and revised it again. But this past month was the very first time I have ever REALLY tried to stay within a budget we put together, and even with some (very expensive) unexpected expenses...we saved $50!! I am hoping there will be many more budgets I live within in the months to come, but I think I can officially check this off, because, darn it, I worked SO hard at it!

Also, I would recommend putting your day zero list in a word document and printing it off... at least for me, I need a tangible daily reminder of my goals. And 1000 days is a long time to remember 100 things!!

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