Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Mr. D made a special appearance with Baby D to (who timed his naps perfectly to coincide with) lunch at work with me and TOTALLY made my day.

Once again, best birthday ever.

I have the best husband ever for more reasons than I can say.

Also... the waitress we had at Chili's last night kept saying TOTALLY. Like at least once every time she came to our table.


I awoke this morning to find quite the birthday present...

Kevs threw up. (again.)

25 years is a really long time to be alive. Sometimes I wonder, what do I have to show for it?
I don't think in my wildest dreams I could have ever planned to be where I am now at 25. I have a wonderful (and super handsome!) husband of over 4 years, a 4 month old dream baby who is (I am convinced) the most perfect baby on the planet, a college degree and a job. The only thing I can possibly think of that is missing is finding that perfect place to put down roots and buying a home...but then again I get buyer's remorse from spending $70 on groceries that I need at the grocery store, so maybe that's just something we'd be better off waiting for within the next 5 years. But I digress...

The most wonderful things about my birthday are never the things, but the people who put so much thought and care into getting me those things. Mr. D took me on a mini shopping spree to the mall on Black Friday...thankfully, Baby D was splendid in public and we got about 2 hours of shopping and $100 of spending on some super cute clothes... have I mentioned how much more fun it is to try on clothes that are NOT maternity clothes? Mr. D even picked out the most perfect pair of skinny jeans for me that were my size (meaning they fit me and they weren't a double digit-ed number...phew!). Then there's the pump he re-bought me (the $350 one!) since my last one broke... we will be getting reimbursed by Babies R Us but then Mr. D thought to call Medela (the company that made the pump) and complain. Turns out the motor has a warranty for a year (mine died after 4 months) so they are sending out a new one to me next week! Unfortunately, I already opened the Babies R Us one (what? I was super excited to use it again!) so we can't return it, but Mr. D said that with the money my FABULOUS parents and in-laws gave me, together with the money I can getting for selling the extra pump, that I would finally have enough to buy... my BOB REVOLUTION!!!! Yesssss!!!

As far as siblings go, I have the best ones ever. DK gave me $20 of his OWN MONEY (how many 12 year olds do you know that would do that??) that I am thinking long and hard about how I will spend... but I haven't decided yet. Bananas sent me a package (basically overnight!!) with a Biggest Loser workout DVD (90 minutes of cardio!!!), her homemade bread ( = heaven.) and hershey kisses (my fav) all wrapped in.... KARDASHIAN TABLOIDS!! Then to top it all off, Surah (for the second week in a row) babysat for free for us, in addition to getting me my DARLING decked out Christmas tree and some yummy homemade cookies. I keep wanting to say "best present ever" but suffice it to say that I am thrilled with all of my gifts.

Granny and Uncle Pat gave me a set of CUTE earrings and a frame ("to put a picture of that CUTE baby in!"). Then I came to school today and Katie had bought me a new pair of boots!!

Last year at this time, I was so sick and so tired (thanks to a little guy growing in my tummy).
Baby D's present to me this year? Sleeping from 9pm to 5am this morning. Priceless.

Its barely started and already its the best birthday ever.
Thank you thank you thank you!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thats what brothers are for.

Our kevs is still limping around the house but at least today is the first day in almost a week that he hasn't thrown up. we are trying our best to take care of our big brother!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

funniest faces west of the mississippi

first thanksgiving!

With the hat (great) Granny knitted him. 
He was SO excited for his first thanksgiving dinner...

The bib is the favorite part of the meal, right? :)

First family holiday photo... I can already tell having a kid is going to keep the holidays interesting.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

WIGF Day 30

"I don't know how you do it all."
I think someone tells me this at least once a day. Working, running, mommying, wifeing....
And to be honest, some days... I get so overwhelmed and think that I can't.
But most days, when I put my priorities in order, the man upstairs continues to bless me to handle everything on my thanksgiving-esque full plate.

More than anything, I am grateful for the true and everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ. It helps keep everything in perspective and without His help, there is NO way I could get through each exhausting day and still keep my sanity. He really does "lead me, guide me, walk beside me." Without the gospel, I would be filled with fear for the future, but instead I have faith. Faith in whatever comes my way. Because I know I will never be given more than He knows I can handle. I am pretty sure that if I were born in bible times, I would be sacrificing a firstborn calf daily (and it would probably be pretty pricy, too) to give thanks for all my blessings. So its a good thing that all He requires now is a pure and open heart and a contrite spirit. 

Happy thanksgiving.... don't forget to count all your blessings. Even those too numerous to count.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Rivalry Week!

WIGF Day 29: My Friends

2009 Art Education graduates with babies: 4 months, 11 months, 20 months. SO cute!

WIGF Day 28

Three words: "Buyer Protection Plan."

I went to use my Medela Pump in Style on monday night, plugged everything in, turned it on and.....click click click. Shut it off. Turned it back on. Nothing. It was already late, after 10pm, and I knew Babies R Us was closed. I could feel panicking rising in my throat and I called Mr. D to remedy the situation.

Long story short, because we had a 5-year buyer protection plan on my pump, we would be getting reimbursed the full cost of the pump to buy one that will hopefully last longer than 4 months. And we bought a $50 Evenflo pump as backup, and for me to use until we got the new one. I suppose it was bound to happen with me pumping a full 7-8 times a day, so I am SO grateful we spent a little extra to get the buyer protection plan.

Also, about the Kevs... the vet couldn't find anything wrong with him. And still charged me $50. So thanks to me, our budget is off by about $100 this month. Oy.

And the Kevs is still limping. :(

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Me: "I didn't know Spongebob had socks"
Student: "Well, Mrs. D, did you even watch Spongebob when you were little? Like did it even exist when you were a kid, way back then?"

omg. I am officially old.

kevin garnett is on the DL

We're off to the vet today... poor guy has had a limp for the last few days, but it's just starting to really affect the way he walks.

Monday, November 22, 2010

WIGF Day 27: Getting my (baking) mojo back

my pretzel-candy experiment
I have had ZERO interest in cooking or baking for approximately the last year, since the sight of mashed potatoes made my stomach churn. And now it's like I can't get enough of the baking bug :)

baked chicken (dipped in egg whites and corn flakes)

My favorite heart healthy muffins!
And my personal favorite... chocolate covered pretzels!!!

movie: baby d attempting to "talk"

Saturday, November 20, 2010

WIGF Day 26: Success.

Today I fit into my skinny jeans.
Not quite back to my "fightin' form"(yet), but I'm getting there.

WIGF Day 25: Living in the moment

I was catching up on the last season of Smallville last week (I'm a geek, I know), and in one of the episodes, Clark Kent is given some smart advice: he needs to stop dwelling on things in the past and worrying about the future and just live in the present. And I realized I DO worry too much about what the future holds and have been trying very hard to live in the moment. And it's made me a much happier person.

He's growing up soo fast!

Happy 4 months, little bug!!

He celebrated: super awesome fun night hanging out with Aunti Surah. :)
We celebrated: going on our first "real" date night since he was born.
We were initially going to go to the temple... but when we got there, they were cleaning it! We ended up going to JCW's and then to the $3 theater to see Despicable Me (so cute!) in our sunday best...it was nice to be "just the two of us" for a few hours and know that Baby D was in super capable hands! Thanks, Surah!!

Friday, November 19, 2010


and  today our little bug is FOUR MONTHS OLD!!

I can't believe its happened so fast...
photo shoot to come later today!

WIGF Day 24: Democracy

There is a very silly bit of drama going on in our school district as of late...over the word "democracy", of all things. A group of parents have suddenly decided that we, as a public school system, are encouraging their students to become "part of our communist/socialist agenda" and are nitpicking over the terminology of our mission statement and values, claiming our district has need to be "saved" and using that as an attempt to rally other parents to... shut down our school district? I really don't understand the point of this whole thing or why they are doing something so ridiculous (like taking writings of certain philosophers out of context and trying to prove that if we quote the writings of one person, that we must agree with all of their writings, even the ones that are completely outrageous and have nothing to do with education) and complaining that public schools are "stealing" money (via taxes of course) away from people who rightly deserve to keep their monies. Where do I even start??? If you have a problem with the district your child is in, it is your responsibility to talk to teachers/principals, join the PTSA, elect officials who will support your ideals, or just take your kid out of public schools and homeschool them if it really bothers you that much.

While I am not thrilled with Utah school systems overall (mostly because I have a bias towards a K-12 education from back East), I have a lot of pride in my district, and know that as a teacher (and many of my colleagues) work more hours than I care to admit to make sure that ALL students have the opportunity to succeed, even when it means giving after school help, class sizes bordering 40, and attempting every semester to memorize all 240+ of my students names (which usually takes me half the semester, anyways!). I care very much about my job and my students and for a group of people to spend the time to pick apart wording and context where it is really not necessary is just sad to me. If these parents spent half the time helping or just spending time with their own kids instead of doing stuff like this, we would all stand to benefit. This is America, people. We live in a democracy, which is NOT a dirty word. The rest of this comes from an employee in the district, addressing the same issue:

"One of the major concerns expressed is the use of the word “democracy” in the district mission statement. In 2005, the School Board adopted the mission statement "Educating All Students to Ensure the Future of our Democracy." This idea was taken from the writings of Thomas Jefferson, who believed that all children, regardless of social class, deserve a basic education. He and other Founding Fathers wished to steer away from the meritocracy that had extended them certain privileges based on social class and extend those privileges—such as education—to all citizens. Many believe that basic education is provided for in the Constitution, but it is not. It is something for which Jefferson fought tirelessly.

"In the context of our mission statement, the word “democracy” is referring to "our American way of life," the same way it is used regularly by religious and political leaders. The fact that you are allowed to vote for a school board to represent you and your children is evidence of democracy. The fact that the “Save ASD” website could be created and opinions can be expressed freely and without legal repercussions is evidence of democracy. Our use of the term is not intended to be any kind of political statement or reference to any political party. The mission statement is referring to the fact that we all have a stewardship to prepare our students to become contributing citizens in our society. 

"To prepare students to become contributing citizens in our democracy, our American way of life. As district employees, we have the opportunity to work with students from kindergarten to twelfth grade. Upon graduation, they will go a variety of directions. Some will go to college, some will immediately enter the work force, some will get married, some will go into the army, etc. They need to be prepared to be contributing citizens, no matter what they choose to do after they graduate."

I am more than happy to have my children grow up in a place that heralds democracy.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Like father...

Like son...
Like father...
Like son...
Yup, they're the same outfits (and afghan). 
Thanks to Mr. D's mama for saving them almost 27 years!

WIGF Day 23: Sleep

That makes 3 nights this week that my little precious bug has slept from 7 or 8pm till 5am, which for me is absoultely heaven sent. People always tell me what a good baby I have... but I know its only because he is such a well-rested baby. Good work, Baby D!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Healthy Habits (Cliffs Notes version for poor Naomi, who I rambled on to and sent her a novel instead of this, which I should have sent in the first place)

I am by NO means perfect, but I have learned a thing or two when it comes to motivation in the areas of working out and getting/staying healthy through LOTS of trial and error. And since I've had so many requests, here it is:

The "Cliffs Notes" version on what I have learned (and found success in!) 
about working out and eating healthy:
-Set SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely)
-Always have a gameplan...but make sure you mix it up so you never get bored!
-Have someone to report to... a spouse, BF/GF, sibling, parent, friend, ANYONE who cares about you, sincerely wants you to do well and will act as your cheerleader as you accomplish your goals (instead of trying to sabotage you!)
-Have a way to report to yourself... I put little "O"'s in my planner (one for each day) and fill it in with a smilie face for each hour I work out. Makes me feel so good!

On eating:
-NEVER deprive yourself of anything. Focus on what you can eat: you can really eat anything as long as you do it in moderation. Deprivation always leads to guilt (because lets face it, you are eventually going to go back to that "bad" food you love anyway!) but at the same time be practical... no one got healthy on a diet of cupcakes!
-Drink lots of water. Whatever you think you should drink, try to double it. Most of the time hunger is really just thirst.
-Make a list of all the healthy meals and snacks you can eat from your own fridge/cabinets and tape it to your fridge as a reminder of all the things you should and can eat plenty of! (on my list: peanut butter toast, veggies, fruit, trail mix, hard boiled eggs, tuna and crackers, frozen go-gurt, Healthy Choice frozen meals, etc)
-Write down your goals. Put those on the fridge (or some other very visible place!)
-If I want a treat, I always drink some water and eat an apple or some kind of vegetable beforehand... it makes me feel a bit more full and allows me to really enjoy the treat even more!
-And if I know I shouldn't have any more treats... I do the "distract for 20 minutes" thing and if I still want that treat after 20 minutes, then I'll get it (usually when I have to stop to think about it, I end up not wanting it anymore).
-I never eat anything I don't TRULY want.

On working out:
-Find something you love and DO IT. If you don't know what you like, try a bunch of new things (you can always swap workout DVD's on swapadvd.com) until you do figure it out!
-Always have a "Plan B". If I don't make it to my 5am gym workout, I am usually restricted to doing stuff at home due to the Baby D... my plan B always involves Bob Harper or some other equally enjoyable workout DVD. Some of them I know so well that I can watch a DVR'd show while I listen to the workout on my laptop and kill two birds with one stone.

wordless wednesday: heartbreaker in the making

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

WIGF Day 22: Medela

The last few days (weeks?) have been a little rough... I have been desperately trying to salvage breast feeding Baby D. I suppose I should have seen this coming from a mile away, since he was getting about 6 bottles a day and I would only be able to nurse him once or twice. I think it was because of how incredibly difficult it was for those first 4 days when we were first "figuring it out" together... I loved nursing, because it was such a marvelous bonding experience, even through all those tears from both sides, and when he figured it out, he was a great nurser. Over the last few weeks, nursing has turned into torture time... he cries for 20 minutes, refuses to eat, until Mr. D walks into the bedroom and asks if everything is okay, I hand Baby D off to bottle feed with Mr. D and respond with "My baby hates me" as I go off into the other room to cry as I pump for 10 minutes while attempting to read the latest edition of Runner's World.

Today the though occurred to me, why I am doing this to myself? There are worse things than not being able to nurse. I am not sure why I felt it was admitting defeat or a show of failure on my part as a mother, because it's not. He is still getting what he needs and it shouldn't matter how its given to him.

Today I finally became at peace with having a bottle fed baby.
And I am truly grateful for Mr. D spending a fortune on my pump, which even though I sometimes feel like I spend more time with it than with my own baby, it does take less time to pump than to nurse, and its still cheaper than formula. Plus, between the dishwasher, buying a few more bottles and using my micro-steam sanitizing bags, I'm not spending every night washing bottles and pump parts... I have better things to do....

WIGF Day 21: The Human Body

We are all capable of doing things that are (we think) far beyond what we would be inclined to attempt.

Before I was pregnant, people told me I was skinny only because I had a "natural metabolism" (probably because they had no idea that I spent 1 to 2 hours A DAY in the gym and watched what I ate)... and that would soon change once I had a baby and my body would never be the same again.

Nearly 4 months ago I had a baby via c-section. Sure, in the immediate after shock I mourned my "old" body, as I felt the critics were right, and I would never be or feel the same again... then again, I also thought it was so traumatic that I would never want to try and have kids again. While that feeling has passed, it is replaced with the thought that, given a few years to recover, I would absolutely do it all again, because it was completely worth it.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, it has not been an easy road by any means. 5am workouts are not always my idea of fun, especially while I would rather be sleeping an extra hour. But I do it because if there's anything I've learned about having a kid, its that you have got to make time for yourself. I am so very close to my goals I can almost see that scale stopping at my oh-so-coveted pre-baby number. And just this morning as I was running past every other person on the track (its a pride thing, I guess), I marveled at the human body, my human body. I'm back to doing things I haven't done in a year. And it feels pretty darn good.

I know enough people to know it is not having babies that makes you overweight (permanently, at least). I know plenty of people who have had multiple kids and are in the best shape of their lives! I guess what I am getting at, is you are only going to get somewhere if you work hard enough. I know there are exceptions and underlying problems others aren't aware of and all that, but I think as a general population, we need to get off our lazy butts and
stop making excuses for ourselves.

Count your blessings for owning such an amazing machine we call the human body, that functions perfectly by design despite the poor care some of us give it. We are capable of anything we put our mind to.

Speaking of which, I am setting my sights for Marathon #1 in St. George on October 1, 2011. If I'm lucky, this guy will be there to cheer me on....
And Mr. D? I don't think his attendance will even be in question. He's watched enough of my races and been waiting for me to finally do this for too long to miss it. :)

WIGF Day 20: Appliances.

Yeah, it may seem a little mundane but each of these appliances I have seriously grown to appreciate and never take for granted... that will happen when you have to go without as a married twosome for at least a year (sometimes 2 or 3):
*washing machine and dryer (almost 4 years)
*dishwasher (almost 4 years)
*microwave (1 year)
*blender (1 year, but only  because I broke our first one)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

WIGF Day 19: My Brothers in law...

Who are all incredibly good with Baby D.
But especially Uncle b, who came to visit for a few days from Boston and even helped with bath and diaper changes! (I think his first?)
Yeah, I'm making the boys read a lot.
I want Baby D to beat the family record (held by Bananas) by reading before he is 2! :)

WIGF Day 18: In-Laws

I could never really understand why people would always complain about their in-laws.
I married into an incredible family and I adore my in-laws. They are amazing people who raised Mr. D to be the most handsome, awe-inspiring, and perfect man I know and love.
6 weeks till Christmas and we can see them all (with the exception of Elder B) again!

Friday, November 12, 2010

WIGF Day 17: Sunflower Market.

Blackberries last week for $1.50, and 33 cents avocados this week... absolute heaven for someone like me who is trying to eat healthier to battle this stupid cold. I LOVE Sunflower Market's weekly special. Thankfully, I think I am at the peak of this cold, so it will hopefully get better from here on out. And since blackberries aren't fun to photograph, here are some more pictures from the last day for your viewing pleasure:

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

WIGF Day 16: Heat

Because in our last apartment (you know, that place we lived in for two and a half years without real heat or air conditioning), Baby D would have NEVER been allowed to wear short sleeves inside while it was snowing outside. I love randomly running over to the thermostat to admire the "75 degrees" display... you never realize how warm that is until you have slept in a room that is 55 degrees 
(while we had a much cheaper gas bill back then, I don't miss that at all). 
Thank you, Mr. D for finding our heated apartment!
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