Sunday, October 10, 2010

Two awesome things.

Awesome thing #1:
Baby D is doing SO well in his crib. I can already tell his demeanor is much improved (although he was happy all the time before too) and he cries/gets fussy significantly less. This afternoon, I put him down at 3:30, expecting to hear him wake up before 5, so I went to have a nap of my own at about 4:30... and awoke to him cooing/grunting at 6:15! What a long nap! I rushed in, and what did I see? HIS BACK!! (I always, always, always put him on his back to sleep...SIDS prevention, etc). The little bug had rolled over from his back to his tummy while he was sleeping! What a little genious! I could tell he had been sleeping on his tummy for awhile, since he had those tell-tale cheek wrinkles from the bedsheet. Like father, like son! And why is that so awesome?? Because that means he has a good amount of control over his body/head and is less likely to have something terrible happen to him (suffocation) because he can probably move his head in a position to where he can breathe if he is not breathing. But being the worrying mama I am, I removed all of the (4 little) stuffed animals from his crib....just in case. And I will of course keep sleeping him on his back (but what he chooses to do after I leave the room is his business!).

Awesome thing #2:
I placed 24th in my age division and 301st overall (out of 1067) in the race yesterday at 42:23.7 minutes!! Sure, that's not terribly good for me (we were doing 11:22 minute miles), but Aunt Michelle and Surah who ran with me placed 9th and 10th place in their age groups, respectively... I'm so proud of them!!! It was a little maddening to look at the times and realize that in my "prime" I would have easily placed in the top 5 in my age group (which would have been SO cool), but I am trying not to think too much about that... baby steps, right? Its been a good weekend.


skroner said...

how did you check the rankings?! i couldn't find them.. but that's exciting (: so proud of us, especially YOU! no way to go but UP! (:

anna. said...

yay baby D and his awesome rolling abilities!!

and yay for you and surrah and michelle ( :

Emily Rebecca Jacobs said...

I never cared for running, but now it's all I want to do!!!

Maybe I can really slowly a mile behind you guys?

Yeah. I just invited myself.

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