Sunday, October 17, 2010

Thank you, Auntie Kana! :) xx

Brace yourself: Sunday photo overload time :)
My two handsome men!

 Finally sitting up (with a little assistance) without his head flopping around!
Oh, and the little mark on his cheek was from when 
he scratched himself in the face last night :( 
Don't worry, I trimmed his nails immediately after.

Kana, who's been living in Paris for the last few years, sent me these two supercute shirts from H&M while I was pregnant and I remember thinking, will these ever fit him? They are so big! Well, that day has finally come, at almost 3 months they fit him perfectly and he looks SO good in them! We keep missing her on Skype (that 10 hour time difference will do that to you!), but wanted to make sure she (and everyone else) saw how great this shirt fit him and how much he loves wearing it :)


skroner said...

soooooooo freaking adorable!! (:

Mandy said...

SO cute - and so happy! He's adorable!

Kana said...

Oh my!!!! He can already fit in these cloths... wow! Im glad size and season worked out!!! :)
He is super cute... awwwww!!! Hoping to catch you guys on skype soon!!! big kisses

siovhan said...

that kid is the most content little man EVER. he's SO CUTE. i can't wait to meet him and pinch his cute little cheeks!

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