Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sleep Training: Day 2

Yesterday was quite a bit better.
Baby D evolved to hour-long naps yesterday, and the last two naps I put him down for, he went to bed with maybe a 30 second fuss!

This whole sleeping in the crib thing is really starting to look good.
I feed him,
play with him,
we visit with the sleeping kevs,
change diaper/clothes,
read a book,
I sing/hum a primary song or two to him,
lay him down in his crib (humming on the way out the door),
and actually get stuff done. Like laundry and cleaning the house, and catching up on the last two episodes of "Community" and "Teen mom".

Then he wakes up about an hour or so (sometimes less), happy as can be...sometimes. :)
But he's always happy to see me!

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