Tuesday, October 19, 2010

3 months already???

My little bug is three months old today (!). Seriously, when did time start to go by so fast??

Baby D is starting to take a read interest in his hands, slowly moving them and staring intently, as if they were the most fascinating toys in the world. He also gets terribly distracted by his daddy :) even when he is eating, he hears him come in the room and immediately looks over to where his voice is coming from.

Also on the docket: Sleeping. (!) He has some off days, but for the most part, crib sleeping is working like a charm. Most of the time he wakes up happy and alert (usually bug-eyed!). Now if only church weren't three hours that cut into two of his naptimes...

Speaking of cribtime, he is spending more time awake in his crib rolling around (well, flopping from side to side, pulling his legs in for momentum). A couple of times I have caught him sleeping on his side, all curled up like a little potato bug.

For his 3 month birthday, my bug decided to surprise me last night/this morning by sleeping EIGHT HOURS straight. I know its uncommon, and probably won't happen again (he usually only goes about 5 to 7 hours at the most), but it totally made my day and made me love him even more (if that was even possible!)

Happy three month birthday to my little bugaboo. We'll be going to the doctor's later today to celebrate with... you guessed it: shots shots shots shots... (don't worry, I have a little surprise in mind for him post-appointment!).

1 comment:

skroner said...

ahhhh three months already!? time is flying by (: he's such a smart kid!

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