Monday, September 27, 2010

"Working mom"... if you ask me, every mom is a working mom, especially if they are at home (don't even get me started on the term and stigma associated with "stay at home mom"... puh-lease.) I am easily more busy when I'm at home... some days being at work is actually a huge break, since high schoolers don't have to be watched 24/7. Although it's not quite as rewarding as seeing something like this every day:
Anyways, I was thinking the other day about the most important "must-haves" that have helped me be a better working mama over the past 10 weeks...
1. My INCREDIBLE, hardworking husband who is willing to accommodate his schedule and stay at home during the day to watch our little man so that I can go to work.
2. My pump. What would I do without it?! Probably go crazy. I really do love breastfeeding but it is nice to have a break and still give Baby D the mama's milk he needs. Plus, I am a numbers person and I like knowing how many ounces he is drinking. My darling view this afternoon:

3. Maternity clothes. Yeah, I am still wearing them. All the time. I am SO grateful for the advice not to get rid of them right after giving birth (which I would have probably naively done). I mean, I can fit into my pants, I just can't zip them up at all (which sorta defeats the purpose of wearing them, in my opinion), so stretchy pants at this point are just as good.
4. A zillion baby outfits. Ok, maybe not quite that many, but I did cheaply get some in bulk from the classifieds before Baby D was born, and it's nice to be able to change outfits as often as needed without having to worry about laundry. Plus, I get SO tempted to buy clothes but then I just remember how many outfits are still unworn (he's actually in 3-6 month clothes now!) at home and it keeps me from spending.
5. Baby swing. And stroller.
6. Second bedroom.
7. Camera and rechargeable batteries.
8. Nursing bras and a bazillion Lansinoh pads (just ask Mr. D, I go through a TON of them!)
9. One "cleaning day" a week... for housecleaning, laundry, etc. And the rest of the week, I don't even think about it.
10. Naps.
Speaking of napping, this afternoon, after his nap, I heard squealing in delight and came into our Bug's room to see him playing/hitting/cooing with his little singing Red Sox Bear! What a darling, happy baby. So blessed.
Motherhood suits me just fine. :)

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Drew Dowling said...

I'm sure a loving, caring, supportive husband who cares for his baby while the working mother is at work goes without saying then right?

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