Thursday, September 30, 2010

RRCB: September Recap

I've started reading SO many books this month, notably Eat Pray Love (thanks to Bananas), Happy Baby Healthy Sleep Habits, and The Tipping Point. I haven't actually finished any books other than Blink and Outliers,but I did finally finish reading this past Spring's Ensign. Magazines are certainly the easiest things for me to read, since I can just read articles that don't take longer than the time it takes me to pump (10 minutes... but when I do it 4 times or more a day, it really adds up!)
This month marked the start of working out and running again. Unfortunately, I was only able to run for about a week before I got sick (also for a week), but now I am back in the swing of things getting ready for my 6k race in just over a week (!). Mr. D promised me (post-race) a new pair of jeans that I so desperately want, and my personal goal is to be back to my pre-prego weight by my birthday (Nov 30), which would require losing about a pound a week until then. I lost about 4 this month, so I think it will be possible, but it will certainly be a bit of work. October will be the month I also start incorporating Pilates into my workout, which will hopefully pull my abs back together and make it a little easier to run. I really wanted to start lifting weights, but I think I will hold off until November, when I am closer to my "regular" weight, since I do tend to gain weight when I lift weights (muscle weighs more than fat!).
What more can I say about my little Bug? Sure I work on projects at work occasionally, but he is certainly my constant. Everything I do (even work!) I do for him, pumping and nursing to help him grow, working to someday buy him a house with a yard he can run around with the Kevs, and taking care of Mr. D (which I need to be better at!) so that he can better care for Baby D. It is no understatement to say that Baby D has, to this point, been my (our) greatest creation.
Oh, and I've been making lesson plans. LOADS of new lesson plans. It's been awesome.
Hmm this one is a constant struggle. At least I can say that since Baby D has been born, I am NEVER bored, ever! If I am not working or with Baby D, I am cleaning house/bottles/doing laundry, working out, reading, or napping. My DVR can attest to the fact that I am WAY behind on all my shows, since I always have something I need to be doing and would feel too guilty just sitting and watching TV. Sometimes I look back on my pre-baby life with fondness, but then I wonder, what on earth did I DO with all my time??? I am definitely better at managing my time than I was back then, which is probably the most important thing I have learned in the last few months. The Balance thing is by far the hardest part of my life. But I keep trying for it, and hopefully someday I'll attain some blissful sense of balance....

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Emily Jacobs said...

You better be Keeping up with the Kardashians at least...That way you learn from Kourtney's mistakes & NOT end up in an ambulance by running too much :)

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