Thursday, September 02, 2010

literally. awesome.

i came home from the gym, pushing baby d in the stroller, and a thought occurred to me. i am FINALLY working my way back into running again (slowly of course, since I am just walking... but still--light at the end of the tunnel!) and i thought, wouldn't it just be the greatest thing to get Runner's World in the mail today, right when I am starting to really get excited about running again?

And literally, I look in the mailbox and what do I find??

My glorious Runner's World. With a special on "Fit Mamas" right smack on the cover. Talk about fate. Its like running and I... we are meant to be together again. 
But this time with a cute little bundle of excess baggage :)
Also waiting for me when I came home: this glorious homemade honey whole wheat bread Bananas made for me while babysitting Baby D earlier this afternoon. I am drooling just thinking about all the sandwiches I am going to make with it this week.

And did I mention Aunti Bananas just accepted a JOB?!
Wisconsin, land of cheese. And now land of Bananas. Look for her on TV... she's going to be big time, I just know it. She is one of the MOST hardworking people I've ever known. They are lucky to have her. And I am going to have to start looking up prices for flights to WI...

Does life get any better than this? I do not think so.
Sometimes I fear if I can't count my blessings fast enough, they are likely to slip away.
I am counting as fast as I can. <3 my sisters...

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