Thursday, September 16, 2010

Baby D's Nursery

Walking in...
Changing table/dresser with his (only) photo frame that he LOVES staring at
(I think because he's seen white wall for so long)
Oh, and the clock that someone gave us for our wedding with our engagement pic.
Not as creepy in Baby D's room as it was in the bathroom :)

The paintings I made for him.
And the partially open window for the kevs of course.
The two favorite sleeping spots...silhouetted against the
BLUE WALL Aunti Bananas painted. And the Concessa Quilt!
His closet... full of my clothes (too small), his clothes (too big), the tub and lots of toys!
You better believe he loves his new room.


anna. said...

ahh he's getting SO BIG!!

see? i can be just like surrah sometimes too ( :

Rachael said...

Adorable! His nursery turned out so cute, not to mention that he is freaking adorable.

p.s. I especially like your swing. The fabric pattern is called Hamilton. Hehe.

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