Monday, September 20, 2010

2 months old! and hanging out with soon to be named bear friend from aunti bananas

We have the cutest, giggliest, silliest, happiest, sweetest baby boy there ever was.
And as a really sad side note... I'm sick. Boo hiss, I know.
 Throat lozenges, simply orange, herbal tea and an assortment of soups are back with a vengeance to help me fight this so i don't give it to anyone else in this house :/ yuck.


skroner said...

ahhh i love the one where he's leaning into the beat (: loved watching him today!!! love you and feel better soon (:

Rachael said...

I really think it is adorable that he and the bear look somewhat similar.

anna. said...

ahhhh love those pics!!!

just feel better and feel better sometimes!

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