Thursday, September 30, 2010

RRCB: September Recap

I've started reading SO many books this month, notably Eat Pray Love (thanks to Bananas), Happy Baby Healthy Sleep Habits, and The Tipping Point. I haven't actually finished any books other than Blink and Outliers,but I did finally finish reading this past Spring's Ensign. Magazines are certainly the easiest things for me to read, since I can just read articles that don't take longer than the time it takes me to pump (10 minutes... but when I do it 4 times or more a day, it really adds up!)
This month marked the start of working out and running again. Unfortunately, I was only able to run for about a week before I got sick (also for a week), but now I am back in the swing of things getting ready for my 6k race in just over a week (!). Mr. D promised me (post-race) a new pair of jeans that I so desperately want, and my personal goal is to be back to my pre-prego weight by my birthday (Nov 30), which would require losing about a pound a week until then. I lost about 4 this month, so I think it will be possible, but it will certainly be a bit of work. October will be the month I also start incorporating Pilates into my workout, which will hopefully pull my abs back together and make it a little easier to run. I really wanted to start lifting weights, but I think I will hold off until November, when I am closer to my "regular" weight, since I do tend to gain weight when I lift weights (muscle weighs more than fat!).
What more can I say about my little Bug? Sure I work on projects at work occasionally, but he is certainly my constant. Everything I do (even work!) I do for him, pumping and nursing to help him grow, working to someday buy him a house with a yard he can run around with the Kevs, and taking care of Mr. D (which I need to be better at!) so that he can better care for Baby D. It is no understatement to say that Baby D has, to this point, been my (our) greatest creation.
Oh, and I've been making lesson plans. LOADS of new lesson plans. It's been awesome.
Hmm this one is a constant struggle. At least I can say that since Baby D has been born, I am NEVER bored, ever! If I am not working or with Baby D, I am cleaning house/bottles/doing laundry, working out, reading, or napping. My DVR can attest to the fact that I am WAY behind on all my shows, since I always have something I need to be doing and would feel too guilty just sitting and watching TV. Sometimes I look back on my pre-baby life with fondness, but then I wonder, what on earth did I DO with all my time??? I am definitely better at managing my time than I was back then, which is probably the most important thing I have learned in the last few months. The Balance thing is by far the hardest part of my life. But I keep trying for it, and hopefully someday I'll attain some blissful sense of balance....

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


So cute...

Shirt courtesy of Sari
Bluejeans courtesy of Aunt Sheryl

wordless wednesday

Monday, September 27, 2010

"Working mom"... if you ask me, every mom is a working mom, especially if they are at home (don't even get me started on the term and stigma associated with "stay at home mom"... puh-lease.) I am easily more busy when I'm at home... some days being at work is actually a huge break, since high schoolers don't have to be watched 24/7. Although it's not quite as rewarding as seeing something like this every day:
Anyways, I was thinking the other day about the most important "must-haves" that have helped me be a better working mama over the past 10 weeks...
1. My INCREDIBLE, hardworking husband who is willing to accommodate his schedule and stay at home during the day to watch our little man so that I can go to work.
2. My pump. What would I do without it?! Probably go crazy. I really do love breastfeeding but it is nice to have a break and still give Baby D the mama's milk he needs. Plus, I am a numbers person and I like knowing how many ounces he is drinking. My darling view this afternoon:

3. Maternity clothes. Yeah, I am still wearing them. All the time. I am SO grateful for the advice not to get rid of them right after giving birth (which I would have probably naively done). I mean, I can fit into my pants, I just can't zip them up at all (which sorta defeats the purpose of wearing them, in my opinion), so stretchy pants at this point are just as good.
4. A zillion baby outfits. Ok, maybe not quite that many, but I did cheaply get some in bulk from the classifieds before Baby D was born, and it's nice to be able to change outfits as often as needed without having to worry about laundry. Plus, I get SO tempted to buy clothes but then I just remember how many outfits are still unworn (he's actually in 3-6 month clothes now!) at home and it keeps me from spending.
5. Baby swing. And stroller.
6. Second bedroom.
7. Camera and rechargeable batteries.
8. Nursing bras and a bazillion Lansinoh pads (just ask Mr. D, I go through a TON of them!)
9. One "cleaning day" a week... for housecleaning, laundry, etc. And the rest of the week, I don't even think about it.
10. Naps.
Speaking of napping, this afternoon, after his nap, I heard squealing in delight and came into our Bug's room to see him playing/hitting/cooing with his little singing Red Sox Bear! What a darling, happy baby. So blessed.
Motherhood suits me just fine. :)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Our Bug caught my bug...

Poor thing, Baby D caught whatever I've had for the last week.
On the plus side though, he went to bed at 10:30 last night and didn't wake up until 7am.
And when he did wake up, he was the happiest little bug you've ever seen.
Enjoy watching him try to roll over.... and make it halfway!
10 weeks old tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Float like a butterfly...

sting like a bee

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Vanity, thy name is Baby D

This little bug LOVES looking at himself via Photobooth!

Earth art is back again...and this year, my students are more brilliant than ever. Didn't think that was possible? Take a look:

"water" fall
threading leaves together with pine needles
as a member of administration called it: "vandalism" (ha!)
Big G and Mini "G"

Monday, September 20, 2010

2 months old! and hanging out with soon to be named bear friend from aunti bananas

We have the cutest, giggliest, silliest, happiest, sweetest baby boy there ever was.
And as a really sad side note... I'm sick. Boo hiss, I know.
 Throat lozenges, simply orange, herbal tea and an assortment of soups are back with a vengeance to help me fight this so i don't give it to anyone else in this house :/ yuck.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Kevs has a BIG brother...two month old doctor's visit

12 pounds 13 ounces, 23 inches long, 16" head
Officially more than a pound bigger than the Kevs.
Two vaccines and then he was out like a light for an hour...
then awake the whole rest of the evening, only to fall asleep for 7 hours straight that night.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Baby D's Nursery

Walking in...
Changing table/dresser with his (only) photo frame that he LOVES staring at
(I think because he's seen white wall for so long)
Oh, and the clock that someone gave us for our wedding with our engagement pic.
Not as creepy in Baby D's room as it was in the bathroom :)

The paintings I made for him.
And the partially open window for the kevs of course.
The two favorite sleeping spots...silhouetted against the
BLUE WALL Aunti Bananas painted. And the Concessa Quilt!
His closet... full of my clothes (too small), his clothes (too big), the tub and lots of toys!
You better believe he loves his new room.

please please pretty please with a cherry on top?

I know its not for another two and a half months, but I am fully aware that my parents, sisters, cousins, husband and in-laws frequent this blog, so I will start early to plead my case... for my birthday this year, 
I do NOT want clothes, chocolate, books, etc. 
ALL I want is this: The BOB Revolution-Navy. Retail Price: $390.

And this car seat adapter ($60)
See why I'm starting early? I have a feeling it will take a lot of convincing...

So maybe we can all get together and get me what I so desperately want this year. You can even count it as a Christmas present too. That's how badly I want it.

Or I suppose a gift card for new running shoes will do. But be aware, if I don't get it for my birthday, it will for sure be the ONLY thing I ask for at Christmastime :)

Please please pretty please?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

wordless wednesday

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Yeah, as terrible as it may be, I am not ashamed to admit that I am one of those people.

I find absolute and pure, unadulterated joy in two things that most people can't stand: cleaning and working out.

Working out until it "hurts so good" has, for the last 3 years or so, been my credo. So over the last year, where that wasn't always the best thing for me to achieve, that was hard for me. I won't say I like every kind of pain (because you know I did NOT enjoy the pain of labor), but I do LOVE the kind of pain and soreness that comes after a good workout. Today was one of those days, and it's still taking some getting used to, but I definitely have one foot in the saddle, so to speak. I am well on my way to some serious muscle soreness and the tone and definition I lust after! The workout?

3.1 miles (that's a 5k) in 48 minutes 30 seconds. Not too shabby. Baby D was even awake for most of it, but thankfully was content to watch me make faces at him and wave from the treadmill...certainly a record for us, since the longest he's allowed me to work out at the gym before that was about 32 minutes.

Baby steps.

I also have FINALLY finished deep cleaning my house for the first time since we moved in (or so it feels like) and it feels SO GOOD. A part of that clean up was finally setting up the nursery (it only took me 2 and 1/2 weeks). I was so ecstatic, I would have squealed with joy and immediately started to take pictures if it weren't for the fact that while I was hanging up the quilt Concessa made, Baby D fell asleep in his crib (what would I do without his Swaddler!?). Oh, and did I mention that was at 7:20pm?! I don't know what to do with myself. I usually procrastinate putting him down for the first time of the night until 8 or 9, and its usually about a 2 hour process (feed, play, sing, cry, soothe, cry, more soothing, sleep.) so to have him down this early is HUGE for me.

Baby steps.

I am finally starting to figure out this whole housewifewife/mother/teacher/artist/etc. thing...its certainly not easy, but I DO revel in the little victories, and no matter what happens after today, at least tonight, I have tasted the sweet nectar of success. And it is so sweet.

Oh, and Nursery pictures to come tomorrow :)

shots shots shots

After hearing that Baby D held his breath after his first shot (Hep B?) within the first few minutes/hours of birth, I didn't know what to think. I am planning on having him vaccinated, since Drew and I both were, and it just makes sense to me after all the research I've done (and no, I do not think that vaccinations breed Autism, since that finding was based on one finding that was later debunked, but that is an entirely different soapbox altogether). But after discussing it with some co-workers, I found this little modified Shots Schedule, listed from the most important to the ones that can wait, and I already have it printed out and put on file for his appointment on Friday. Sure, it will be a lot more visits and will take him 3 and 1/2 years instead of the usual one year, but it just doesn't make sense for me to give that little body so many shots since if he is allergic to one and gets six, how can we really know which one he has the reaction to?? If there's one thing I've learned since being pregnant, it's that I can get all the advice people throw at me, but every baby (and mommy!) is different and it's important (for me) to do my own research and come up with my own conclusions instead of just going "by the book" or off of someone else's opinion.
With that said, I have started running this week. [Pause for collective gasp]. I use the term "running" loosely, since they are paced at a 15 minute mile (yeesh) BUT BUT BUT over the course of brisk walking an hour, I include about 9-12 minutes of "running" and so far have felt great. It is crazy to think I haven't run in about 7 months (which I do need to keep reminding myself of that!), but I do have a 5k coming up in just over 3 weeks, and I would really like to run/jog/shuffle for at least half of it if I can, although the only REAL goal I have allowed myself to have for this race is to finish in under an hour (it's technically 3.5 miles). I have been a little gym rat on the treadmill as often as Baby D will let me (usually about 20-40 minutes), and since the weather is still nice we are walking/strollering to the gym and back, which seems to calm him down if he does get fussy.

It's quite odd to go from going to the gym and doing whatever I want for any length that I wanted to (which I reveled in, by the way) and now I am constantly having to take mini breaks to feed/soothe/check on Baby D, never really knowing how long of a workout he will allow me. I haven't even started lifting weights (which I am DYING to do, by the way) since I want to adjust my body to running before I start lifting again...probably next month. I miss feeling strong, I miss having the strength of my abs supporting my spine, and slowly but surely I am getting that feeling back again. It is such a good feeling. Now if only I could figure out a way to make it to the gym's pilates class....

Monday, September 13, 2010

photoverload...compliments of Bananas and Surah. yeah, i stole all these pictures off of FB

love kisses.
Happy little Bug.
Mama and Baby D (home for lunch in the middle of a busy workday!)
Watching Kardashians :)
At Bananas documentary premiere
(with Baby Grumpypants who cried/fussed for the first half of it)
Deep in thought...
Usually he only tries to punch dad...
The whole gang at Emily's :)
Waiting for Bananas to give us some attention during the documentary premiere...
Baby D loves Mrs. Hamilton!
And of course his Aunti Bananas.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

8 weeks old!

So he's not quite as happy this Sunday (above) with dad as he was last week...
But I guess you do get a bit cynical when you're old. Baby D is 8 weeks tomorrow! Its amazing to me how different he looks this week even from just last week (below) He is looking more like Mr. D every day!
Okay, Okay don't let the first photo fool you. Baby D is usually like how we captured him last Sunday... perfectly content and a total doll. He survived sitting through 4 hours of stake conference without so much as a peep (everyone in the ward who sat by us was SO impressed!) and is constantly being passed around as the latest attraction, gurgling and cooing and smiling with that big toothless grin. We are so lucky to have such a sweet, perfect little boy!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Bananas is in Wisconsin today...officially.
It still hasn't hit me that my sister, personal chef, nanny, bff, housecleaner, confidant, etc is 1500 miles away.

PS do i always look this tired?
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