Tuesday, August 03, 2010

two weeks with baby D

and i still love every moment of it. especially when he's with his dad.

when i was pregnant, i thought for sure that the greatest thing about no longer being pregnant would be losing the weight... something i was actually terrified about not happening since a friend told me that when she gained 50 pounds with her first pregnancy, she didn't lost a pound of it until she stopped breastfeeding a year later. yikes.

of the 45 pounds i gained, i've already lost 23 of them. so i'm about halfway back to normal. i really wasn't expecting that to happen so quickly, especially since i can't work out for another month. but it really doesn't matter to me now as much as i thought it would. there are much more important things in life than "losing the baby weight." it just feels good to be able to move around and take care of my boys and my house like i used to. and for that i feel so blessed.

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