Tuesday, August 17, 2010

play by play

8:30 pm-return home from exhausting day visiting with family, really feeling the 5 hours of sleep the night before
9pm-watch DVR'd show with mr. d and bananas while attempting to breastfeed. regret not taking a nap.
10:15pm-attempt to start bedtime routine. laundry.
11:45 pm-finally fall asleep.
1:45 am-wake up and pump. clean pump. more laundry.
2:30 pm-back to sleep.
5:45 am-wake up and pump. bottle feed baby. change diaper. rock to sleep.
6:45 am-shower. baby's awake. fold laundry. quickly throw on clothes. carry him downstairs. don't wake mr. d.
7:30 am-while holding wide awake baby, shovel down breakfast. more laundry. start dishwasher. wash bottles and pump.
9am-attempt to feed screaming baby. mr. d leaves for work. spit up everywhere. clean and change baby. rock baby to sleep. pump.
10 am-baby's awake again. pacifier this time?
11am-baby polishes off bottle from 9am. more laundry from all spit up stuff. change my clothes. wash bottles and pump. baby's finally asleep for real for the first time since 6am.
noon-pump with one hand while typing this post with the other. is it really only noon?

my theory is that babies' cuteness must be directly correlated with their survival... because i'll be honest, its so much work to take care of a baby, i'm shocked our earth is as populated as it is! whoever thinks being a parent is not a full time responsibility has NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT.

but at least my consolation prize is the cutest baby on the entire planet....who smiled at me all though our 6 am feeding, milk dribbling out the sides of his  cheeks and all... i love my little blue eyed lovebug!


anna. said...

he just loves those puppies sometimes.

Emily Rebecca Jacobs said...

Your baby is cute & your boobs are HUGE. Two blessings :)Jealousssssss.

Mandy said...

Amen sister.

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