Friday, August 27, 2010

Oh, Concessa, you've done it again...

For our wedding, she quilted us the Columbus Ohio Temple. It was BEAUTIFUL.
And for our first boy she made THIS.
Everything on there is made from SCRATCH. No iron-ons or any of that stuff.
The woman is BRILLIANT beyond all artistic understanding.
Seriously, click on the picture and REALLY look at it.
So basically on the list of "What to grab if the house is on fire"
This goes right after Mr. D and Baby D and the Kevs. It is that incredible.
A million thank you's simply would not suffice.


anna. said...

if there's a fire, please also don't forget that quilt with the awesome huge flower on it.

OH. and dustin's swing. or he'll neverrrr go to sleeeeep.

Anonymous said...

you are too kind! I'm so happy that you love baby d's quilt!!!

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